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2024 Mock Contest Results

This was certainly a different draft season than most years.

Used to New England picking at or near the back of the first round, we saw the 2023 Patriots sputter to a 4-13 record and the third pick in the draft. And as the pre-draft cycle went on, fans could confidently expect New England to select Drake Maye at #3.

Knowing this, seven of the eight entrants put Maye as their first player on the board, starting off with a minimum 15 points (usually 23, including three for the correct round and five for the highest-point first-rounder slot) and setting expectations for higher scores than in prior years.

The one who didn't? Me.

...perhaps I'd better change strategies.

As the rounds went on, the contest became a three-horse race between dp73, Zoocore, and Hugo was my homeboy, each with two correct picks heading into the final round (Maye each, and respectively Ja'Lynn Polk, Javon Baker, and Joe Milton III).

And the seventh round ultimately decided the contest.

With a correct selection of Jaheim Bell, Zoocore netted his third correct player, totaling 46 points and locking in the contest once no guessed UDFAs signed with New England. Hugo took second with 33 points and dp comfortably took show with 29.

One note about UDFAs: I cut the contest after the initial crop of UDFAs sign, but as there was one guessed UDFA who received a minicamp invite, I said I would allow points as it wouldn't affect the results. In saying that, I nearly put my foot in it as the UDFA, kicker Noah Rauschenberg, was Hugo's top undrafted choice. That would have added nine to his total for 42 points, and if undrafted players counted towards the "multiple players" bonus points would have added four more, tying Hugo with Zoo. I did check the rules and UDFAs did not count towards multiple players; I may change that next year. In any case, it ultimately did not matter as the Patriots did not sign Rauschenberg after minicamp.

Congratulations again to Zoo (email me as to the jersey you'd like!) and to all who entered. Mocks can be viewed here; the cumulative list of players we picked can be viewed here.

With that, we're on to practices!

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