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I'd Rather Be Watching DEs

...But because this team sucks so much, I guess I have to do the 2024 QB class instead!

With the New England Patriots slated to pick 3rd overall, the quarterbacks available will have a considerable impact on their future. Whether this impact comes in the form of the Patriots themselves drafting a quarterback, the team trading down with an eager partner, or the team being afforded an elite non-QB, remains to be seen. But one way or another, we as fans must get to know these signal-callers. As such, I'm going to do a film dive on each of the premier QB prospects this offseason. I'll take notes and share them with all of you.

Before we begin, some housekeeping notes:

  • Players will appear in order of the consensus big board. They are not ordered based on my individual rankings.

  • I don’t usually watch QBs with this level of attention. So take what I find with another grain of salt, in addition to the usual grain of salt associated with me being some fan on the internet.

  • The evaluations are intended to be system-agnostic. I do not intend to judge the QBs with respect to their specific fit on the Patriots, or with any particular system or style of play in mind. I’m simply trying to appraise their qualities.

  • The positions entailed herein represent my best judgement from study. I am willing to be convinced otherwise! The point of discussion is not to disagree, but to share ideas, and potentially arrive at a sensible conclusion together.

With that out of the way, here is the anticipated article series over the next 2 months:

  1. Caleb Williams scouting report

  2. Drake Maye scouting report

  3. Jayden Daniels scouting report

  4. Michael Penix Jr. scouting report

  5. JJ McCarthy scouting report

  6. Notes on miscellaneous other QBs

  7. Commentary on the landscape of the position

  8. Who I like best for the Patriots

Next up: Caleb Williams. Enjoy!

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