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2020 Roster Projection Results

I put this off because there’s no excitement in the results. (And because of grad school.)

Roster Projection Results

Everyone had at least three wrong. Of the projections I grabbed, Paul Perillo and Steve Balestrieri (on the writers’ side) topped the scale with 50, while Boney, memo, dp73, and Jdog all had 50 correct. 

There was a definitive loser, though, as David Latham of LastWordOnProFootball missed six for a total of 47. All other entries had 48 or 49 correct. 

The biggest surprise was the brief release of Cassh Maluia, which nobody had correct. (Not the first time we’ve all had a cut on the roster – Jonas Gray back in 2015 was one, and I didn’t bother to check other years.) Additionally, everyone had either Nick Folk (21 guesses) or Justin Rohrwasser (2), and both were left off when cutdowns were first announced. So that’s two right there, meaning no one else was perfect the rest of the way. 

That said, the roster is different now. Of players on summer’s 80-man roster who were initially cut, four – Maluia, Folk, J.J. Taylor (4 guesses), and Myles Bryant (2) – are currently on the 53, while Nick Thurman and Isaiah Zuber (both 0 guesses) have received a pair of practice-squad elevations. (So did Xavier Williams, also a zero-guesser, but he has since been cut.) Those may provide moral points, but moral points do not count towards the final score. 

Anyway, we’re well past cuts at this point and are on to Week 5 – possibly. Here’s hoping and praying for good health.

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