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2020 Trade Predictions for New England

To trade or not to trade

We all know that this team is going to look very different in 2021, but how different could it look next week?

PFD Predictions

  • Neil: No trades

  • Blighty: What Neil said.. sometimes a possum ain't playin dead, it's actually dead.

  • MAC: Minor trade or two involving draft picks

  • Jarod: Dontari Poe to New England

  • Dino: No trades

  • Bones: No need for trades. This team is perfect as is.

  • dp73: No trades

  • Hunter: Gilmore traded to the Seahawks for a 2021 draft 3rd round pick and 5th round pick

  • Dnom: Pats make multiple acquisitions

  • Rking: Tom, Gronk, and AB are traded back to new england in return for Jarret Stidham, Jacobi Meyers, and Ryan Izzo. Fair is fair

  • Scratch: Patriots receive Brandin Cooks, Darren Fells and 2022 4th for 2021 2nd and 5th rounders. 7th rounder. eh on second thought, no trades

  • Hugo: 1 depth, PTBNL-esque trade that doesn't address a need, for a late round pick

As you can see everyone went out on a limb here. Spicy stuff, guys!

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Jarod Taylor
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