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2021 NFL Free Agency Watch: Quarterbacks

The off season is well underway for the Patriots and the disappointing, but somewhat expected, 2020 season made it very clear that the Patriots have some rebuilding and retooling to do at many positions.  Of course the 3 main avenues to start this endeavor are trades, the draft, and signing free agents.  Since free agency will start well before the draft, it is time to start looking at and continue discussing possible targets for the Patriots, particularly for positions of need.  First up: Quarterback.


The following link lists the available free agent QBs as of 1/22/21:  

Note that Rivers has retired and Pittsburgh has signed Haskins.  Dak Prescott is the clear top choice but, more probable than not, he'll either get a contract extension or will be franchise tagged again.  After Dak, it gets a bit more dicey.  Are there any on this list to consider either for the long term or a stopgap?  Do the Pats consider bringing Cam back?  Or do they take a chance on a rookie draft pick?  

Next article: Tight ends

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