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2022 Free Agency Part 1: Patriots Free Agents

The offseason is officially here. Let's talk free agency

Now that the 2021 playing season has ended with the Rams winning the Super Bowl, our eyes now look forward to the 2022 season.  Key upcoming events are the beginning of the new NFL year, including the beginning of the free agency period on March 16th, and the NFL draft April 28-30.  The PFD board has already engaged in discussions about which positions should be targeted for improvement and/or finding replacements as the 2022 roster takes shape. 

This article will focus on Patriots free agents.  Unlike last year when the Pats had a boatload of money to spend during free agency, the cap will be much tighter this year.  So barring major cuts and/or contract restructures, a big spending spree most likely will not happen.  The Pats will need to be more selective with free-agent signings, whether their own or players from other teams. 

Spotrac's list of Patriots free agents can be found here (this link should automatically update over time). It's a rather long list so who the Pats try to retain will be interesting in light of positional needs and cap space. 

So who do you think the Pats should try to retain?   It would be great to keep J.C Jackson, but he'll most likely move on for a bigger contract somewhere else.  There would be obvious reasons to try and retain White, Folk, and Brown.  Hoyer would be a good mentor for Jones.  There are some key special team players on the list, but does age factor in?  Who on the list would you let go?  There are a few players who have slowed and/or are getting along in years.  And lastly, who among the restricted free agents should the Pats retain? If nothing else, this should be an interesting discussion.

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