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2022 Mock Draft Contest Results

We'll save the draft reactions for the comments; this is for the results.

Many prognosticators were surprised by New England's selections, a surprise echoed to an extent by our guesses. Of the 10 mocks received and the 69 (nice) players guessed across 120 individual selections, we correctly guessed three of the 10 picks... plus one.

Let's get to the scores.

Right off the bat, we can cross off the potential first-round points, as nobody picked Cole Strange. And we can outright scratch off five of the mocks with a slate of incorrect selections.

Now the picks.

With the selection of Marcus Jones in the third round, both NewEnglandBlight and rking88 landed points, 10 for Blighty and 2 for rking, plus 3 apiece for the correct round.

The next selection, fourth-rounder Jack Jones, also netted points for a pair of entrants. DNOMN8R314 and evaldes101993 each had Jones for 10 and 7 points respectively, while DNOM (I) had the round correct for an additional 3.

No one earned any subsequent points until the seventh round, when the Patriots' selection of Andrew Stueber netted a cool 12 points for Clark12to10.

Then came UDFAs, and a question.

evaldes101993 had Coby Tippett as the last man on his board, and Tippett agreed to a minicamp invite with New England, not a UDFA signing. After polling the board, we agreed that since this is for fun, that counts as a correct guess. That gives evaldes an additional 5 points - 1 for the selection, 3 for the "round," and 1 for having two right on the board.

Thus, the final tallies for all scoring mocks:

T-1: DNOMN8R314 - 13 T-1: NewEnglandBlight - 13 T-3: evaldes101993 - 12 T-3: Clark12to10 - 12 5: rking88 - 5

I'll have to incorporate tiebreaks for next year, but in 2022, the crown is split between DNOMN8R314 and NewEnglandBlight. Congratulations!

Thanks again to all who entered - this is always a fun exercise, and Bill Belichick proved once again that when it comes to the Patriots' draft board, none of us know what we're doing.

Let's enjoy the ride.

(Link to results here.)

(Link to all guessed players here.)

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