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2022 Roster Projection Contest Results

We got our rears walloped again.

In the 2022 PFD Roster Projection Contest, 11 commenter submissions went up with 14 writer submissions to guess the Patriots' initial 53-man roster, which wound up looking like this:

QB (3) M.Jones, B.Hoyer, B.Zappe RB (4) D.Harris, R.Stevenson, T.Montgomery, P.Strong WR (6) J.Meyers, D.Parker, N.Agholor, K.Bourne, T.Thornton, M.Slater TE (2) H.Henry, J.Smith T (4) T.Brown, I.Wynn, Y.Cajuste, J.Herron G (3) M.Onwenu, C.Strange, C.Hines C (1) D.Andrews DL (6) C.Barmore, L.Guy, D.Wise, D.Godchaux, C.Davis, S.Roberts ED (4) M.Judon, J.Uche, A.Jennings, D.Mitchell LB (4) J.Bentley, R.McMillan, M.Wilson, J.Tavai CB (6) J.Mills, Jo.Jones, M.Jones, Ja.Jones, M.Bryant, S.Wade S (7) D,McCourty, A.Phillips, K.Dugger, J.Peppers, J.Bledsoe, C.Davis, B.Schooler ST (3) N.Folk, J.Bailey, J.Cardona

As usual, we had reason not to be confident. And by "we" I mostly mean "those of us here in the comments section."

No commenter got more than 48 out of 53 players right, with Mattsky, rking88, NewEnglandBlight, and redemptionCR all hitting that mark. Our average score among the 11 submissions was 46.7 correct.

The writers' average score? 48 exactly.

Their average was our maximum. Ouch.

Before naming the winner, I want to point out a couple trends among the players we selected and those who made or didn't make the team.

  • One player on zero projections - Chasen Hines - made the club. Every other player to make the team was named on a double-digit number of projections.

  • The most commonly selected players who wound up being cut were Lil'Jordan Humphrey and Justin Bethel, on 18 projections each. The only other player named on at least half the projections to get cut was Kody Russey, at 14.

And now, the victor.

While a small selection of writers had 49 players correct, only one reached the 50 mark, missing on only three selections. That writer, the winner of the 2022 PFD Roster Projection Contest, is Mark Daniels of the Providence Journal.

Congrats Mark, and well done everyone who entered.

Enjoy the season.

All projections can be found here

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