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2023 Draft: Day 2 thoughts from the board

We got an absolute steal, last night! I couldn't even fathom Gonzo landing at #14 let alone #17. This defense just got better.

Now, it's time to focus on that offense!

We have some things we need like OL and WR, but there is no way BB doesn't pull the trigger on at least one (if not two) TE in this draft. It's no secret, I want Darnell Washington. He'd immediately be the best blocking TE on this team AND the most physically daunting TE we've had since Gronk. As long as we get ourselves some pass catcher(s), I'm happy.

Let's see what the board thinks!

Thoughts from the board


I think the Pats definitely use their draft capital and trade up in the 2nd round. My hope is that it's for Darnell Washington, but wouldn't be surprised if BB went with more defense, either. I definitely want offense here. I think the best tackles are off the board, so I think the rest of them really don't stand out from one another (in my opinion) so I hope they go TE or WR with their 2nd Pick and go with OL later. I think we end up making 3 picks tonight.


My hope is they trade up in the second and are able to trade up into the back half of the third to make three selections total today. Darnell Washington is my top target and the guy I want them to get early in Round 2; I also expect them to take a WR today.


Brian Branch, Dawand Jones, Darnell Washington, and Joey Porter Jr are all still on the board, but they should be gone soon. If the Pats *don't* trade up to grab one of these players, look for them to double-dip at DB with someone like Tyrique Stevenson at 46.


SInce I am not as knowledgable as others on college prospects, I wouldn't even try to name names. (Deal with it dp :-)). But assuming they trade to get more 2nd and/or 3rd Round picks, in Rounds 2 & 3 they go after BPA of TE and WR and for the rest of the draft they go for BPA in general. Hopefully an OL player or 2 is included.


Trade 46 and 107 for 39, pick Darnell Washington. Trade 76, 117, and 120 for 52, pick Matthew Bergeron. Relax with an adult beverage.

Panic Time

With their 2ND pick the Pats choose a safety, graded by consensus as a 4th rd pick. He has high character and was a college team captain. Start digging, I know you will come up with the right name. He's out there.

Ad Astra

Steelers pick up Branch with their first pick of the second round, so Belichick trades up from 46 to get Michael Mayer from Notre Dame.


It would be great if they traded up in the 2nd round to get a player they believe in. It would also be great if that player were a TE, WR, or OT. You guys know the names better than me but players that intrigue me are Darnell Washington and Dawand Jones. Let's get huge!




Trade up for Darnell Washington. Ground and pound bay-bee!


We trade up with 46 and a 4th rounder we acquired from Pitt to move up to pick someone -- Darnell Washington sounds good -- I'd say Michael Mayer but I know Jim likes him so now there's no way we'll get him. Other option is we can't get our guy so we trade back to later in the 2nd and pick up another 4th or 5th rounder, and we draft WR Josh Downs or Dawand Jones or Matthew Bergeron with that later 2nd round pick. I think we'll draft TE Luke Schoonmaker in the 3rd if he falls so i can see us packaging a 3rd and a 4th to move up in the 3rd (while also grabbing a 5th). Then I think we'll draft K Jake Moody with that 5th.


I'm not very familiar with the different prospects but I would like to see some more work done with the DL/edge


Pats will trade the #46 pick among other trades today and they will pick 3 players today. One of those 3 will be a TE


Pats trade up with Pitt and select Joey Porter Jr so that I can still see Joey Porter Sr cry.

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