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2023 Roster Projection Contest Results

Apologies for being so late with the article this year -- the school year started and I got busy with teaching during the week, the Renaissance Faire started and I got busy with that, then I contracted COVID for the third time.

But a contest is a contest and I will award the results.

Before the practice squad dropped, rking88 and dp73 were tied with 48 correct answers apiece. Out of the running were NewEnglandBlight with 47, DNOMN8R314 (me) with 46, and Lord M with 44.

Of course the winner had to top us all in the practice squad results as well.

With seven of the initial practice squad correct, rking88 claimed contest victory (and the jersey of his choice) in the tiebreaker, topping dp's four. (It didn't matter for the results, but Blighty and I each had six, and Lord M didn't send in PS players.)

Some interesting trends (as much as you can call a sample size of five a trend): none of us got Shaun Wade right, only one of us (me) had Ameer Speed on the roster, only one (dp) had Calvin Anderson, and -- as you might have guessed -- all of us incorrectly had Bailey Zappe on the initial 53.

Congrats rking, and thanks to all for entering.

One note before going: thank you so much to the two members (I won't say who, in case they don't feel comfortable being named here) who sent extra money to cover the cost of the jersey. Next year, as hopefully things will be more stable with my having full-time work, I will keep the prize but nix the entry fee. I'd like to see more people entering, and I'm willing -- and God willing, will be able -- to cover the full cost of the prize going forward.

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