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Bajer's Bag: Preseason Edition

Welcome to the opening of a new sac(k) of questions

Since none of you have sent anything in so far, I am just going to make stuff up.

This one comes from the virtual Mr. Blighty whom we all know and sort of love:

Why are you so whack man?

Whoa, clearly I should not have sent him love right away before reading his question that I made up. The truth is, I am whack, and it mostly has to do with being raised in New England and having to entertain myself, although many would point to my mental disorder as the cause, I do not believe in science (you know that -ology stuff), so clearly that can not be the case. My wife calls me Sum Ting Wong, so maybe there is something to all the hulabaloo. Can’t we all just get along?

Q2 was sent in by Sum Yung Guy who most of you know as BoSoxJim (don’t let him fool you, he is clearly Asian and does not know Brady):

Baj, do you think the Pats can be successful with all the roster turnover, and Brady moving on?

Great Q Sum, in a word Yes. They have plenty of vets in place to take over a leadership role, and still have a fairly successful coaching staff to lean on. I could go on and on about why, but I have already answered your query.

Q3 is from RKing, who is really a Queen, which is why he chose to put King in his name. (Notice how all who post here are deceptive).

How do you see the run game playing out?

This will be fun to watch, with a QB known to be a good rusher, that will open a new dynamic that the opposing D’s have to account for which will open up the playbook as well as some new cut back lanes that were not there with Brady at the helm. They are also fairly stacked in the RB dept., Michel, Burkhead, White and Harris all offer up some different skill sets and should allow all of them to be fresh throughout the season. The key here though will be BB treating the first 3-4 games as his preseason, so he can see who will be most effective. Then add in Jakob at FB and Keene as a multi position player, along with Asiasi as a promising TE, they should be able to romp on the ground. The key will be if the O line can stay healthy.

The final Question for the inaugural mailbag comes to us from the very odd state of Texas. From Boney:

How do you see the D performing with the exodus at LB and Shelton moving on?

Here is the deal- none of us really know. Roberts, Van Noy and Collins all jetted with the quickness at last season’s end, and Hightower, wisely, opted out. Danny Shelton left as well, leaving a pretty big hole up front, and his projected replacement, Beau Allen, has been a ghost so far. There are some promising rookies in Anfernee and Uche, and second year man Winovich seems primed to take on a bigger role. Cash (money) may surprise as well. Bentley also shows promise but has limited experience due to injury and a stacked group last year. So, as I said in the beginning, no one really knows. Like the run game, it should be fun to watch it all pan out, and if things fall into place they will once again be a strong unit.

Thanks for all your pseudo questions, looking forward to the next edition, peace, be good to each other, Baj.

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