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DP73's 2023 Predictions

It’s just a few before the Patriots start their season. I am going to make a prediction on how many games they are going to win. I hear some are giving a range of games. I think Paul Perillo said 7-9 games yesterday. I am not going to go the range route. I will be optimistic and say the Patriots will win 10 games.

They have a good defense, and I think the pass rush will be better than last year. I think White will be a factor in its improvement. The deepest part of the team is its secondary. Again, a strong rookie season from Gonzalez should help. The question mark is the linebackers, but hoping they can be decent this year. The special teams can't get any worse than last year.

Of course, IMO, the biggest concern on offense is the pass blocking of the OL and their consistency in general. If it's a major problem, then the Patriots won't get all that they can from Mac Jones, and that would be a major problem. I think the offensive coaching will be much improved. O'Brien and Klemm should bring improved play and boost Mac Jones's confidence. The running backs will be good. Hopefully, Stevenson will be even better than last year. My other concern on offense is the WRs. I think JuJu Smith-Schuster will have a good year and Bourne will have a better year as he will benefit a lot from the coaching changes. If we have to rely on the rookie WRs too much, then that could be a problem.   So those are some of my thoughts and my prediction of their 2023 record going into the season. What’s your prediction of their record? Thoughts on the team?

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