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Ring Envy: Jets & Ravens

Ring Envy: Patriots@Jets

  • Pats are exposed without Brady. For real, they are 2-5 since forever. Now I want Jets to tank, but if there is a God, we will win Monday night. This is one game I am rooting for a Jets win this year. Go Jets! Kick those Massholes' ass.

  • Optimistic: 27-10 NE. Realistic: 33-3 NE

  • I have a strange feeling the Jets might win tonite

  • Please lose Jets, and thank you for not ruining my Sunday

  • Let's see these rookies and lose baby!!

  • Just when you think it cant be worse than rooting for the Jets, rooting against them is because I cant cheer no matter what happen

  • yay... TD Pats!

  • They need to have way, way less cheering playing out of those stadium speakers to sound like an authentic Jets game

  • TD sets off Belichek...I hope for metal to the pedal no mercy thumping of Jets

  • Sam is worthless. Just another USC NFL bust and ranked 32nd and dead last amongst all NFL QBs during his THIRD YEAR; He stinks!

  • Prepare to say goodbye to Trevor Lawrence lol

  • I swear to God if we win this game with fucking Flacco...

  • I cannot believe that people are worried we might win this. Lot of game left for the Jets to show up/

  • Hate to say it, but even if we find a way to lose this game....the last game of the year is going to be a win anyway. This Pats team is admitting to tanking

  • Pats are in total tank mode. Look out.

  • Flacco is like a boxer who isnt taking the dive when hes supposed to. Someone tell him we cant win this game

  • The Jets winning this game would be very Jets-like. The team that can't do anything right obviously can't tank right.

  • Wow Flacco thinks he is playing with the Ravens

  • F*** this team

  • This team hates us.

  • Belichick buzzing the refs. "Give it to em, Brady 2.0 is mine"

  • If I'm JD, I'm calling the Jaguars right now about trading for the #1 pick

  • This is garbage. Blowing the next decade.

  • Tank for Justin Fields. Lol

  • Wow. God hates us. F*** this Franchise. Jacksonville fans are celebrating right now and I know so because my neighbor has his little Jaguars flag outside of his home and was telling me as I was taking my trash out last night that he's PRAYING for a Jets win tomorrow for TL. I laughed it off and walked back inside. The joke is going to become on us! We just lost out on Trevor. And are now ONE WIN away from passing 7 other 2 win teams and picking 8th. God hates us.

  • I really hate the Pats. They always find a way to screw us over.

  • Now that is a gase. Asinine mistake!

  • Jets competing with WWE for ridiculous

  • I think the Jets just caught on to the Pats' tanking. These last 8 minutes are going to be a comedy of "errors."

  • Look on the bright side of we draft Fields and hire Beinemy we will be the medias favorite team. Lol

  • mothe*****! you had the 1st!

  • F****** guy ran backwards. Lol

  • Flacco in on the tank. I felt the one WR was about to get open on the sack

  • Folk was GREATNESS for our Jets!!! Can he become GREAT for us once again?!?

  • Yay! They still managed to lose... what a team!

Ring Envy: Ravens@Patriots

  • This feels so damn weird without Brady

  • Justice Hill. His presence just cost us 15 yds! That was dumb as ****.

  • No wonder why we wore all-white. We milking this clock.

  • This is going to be the fastest nfl game in history with all this running by both teams lol.

  • Sometimes this offense is a beauty to watch. Other times it's eye-gouging. I think we're trending in the right direction tho

  • Absolute **** performance from our defense.

  • God ******* dammit we couldn’t allow this to happen, we needed to establish a solid lead early man we can’t make this a duel

  • Ed Hocholi hated us and his entire progeny hates us it seems!

  • they're gashing us with simple stuff - down our top 2 DL right now makes this even more difficult to contend with

  • Looks like we’re gonna need Lamar to be Superman tonight, that run game is only gonna last for so long against belichick

  • Collinsworth just say "Robbie" Stanley? Man, he's so ******** trash

  • Lol that LB said bruh the only way I’m taking this mf down is by concussion

  • i am so sick of patriots running backs

  • We're too soft on defense right now! Wake up fellas!

  • The Patriots offensive line is manhandling our D

  • He looked like a complete ******* [profanity deleted]. Like derrrrrrpppp...

  • Josh mcdaniels calling the plays and we can’t stop the run, this games as good as over.

  • They literally run that play every time we play them. And it literally works every time.

  • Pats call a trick play against us every game and it works literally every time. How the **** are we never prepared for this ****?

  • We are such suckers for that play

  • Why on earth are we trying to make that ******* throw down the sideline ???!!?!!?

  • I’m fucking going to bed, I had too long of a weekend to be dealing with this stupid ******* bull****. **** this team and **** this season, I’m tired of football anyway, ***** taken over my life. **** it.

  • Trying to force it to his boy 15

  • I just don’t understand his decision making this season. It’s just absolutely awful and there aren’t any excuses

  • At this point, I'm just waiting for the Madden Curse to strike us with unholy fury. Have you guys seen the AFC Wild Card picture? We may seriously miss the playoffs if we continue with this bull****.

  • At least they'll be one and done because they suck instead of choking again.

  • I'm ashamed of them. This is pathetic.

  • Wtf is this. Defense comes out looking depressed from turnover last half lol

  • Outcoached and outplayed. This is pathetic

  • **** we've got like no dbs left

  • This team here. After seeing how the Ravens looked last week & how the Patriots looked last week never would have thought this.

  • Only fitting the team blows out an 8-0 Patriots team last year on track to be best defense of all time then the following year against a non Tom Brady Pats at 3-5 beats us.

  • Lmfao. **** off with your cute ass play calling Roman. Wtf even is that. Do you not trust Lamar to throw for a first down? Stupid asses

  • What in the actual **** was that like why in the **** would we do that that was the dumbest shit I've ever seen in my life

  • Bruh wtf was that 4th down play call I'm still scratching my head that was so dumb I wouldn't have even tried that in madden and I suck at madden

  • I would like to kick Skura in the nuts

  • Did you guys know Jakobi Myers used to play QB?

  • clearly after the td pass and his highschool footage we all know now. Colinsworth Punk ass has said it 10,000 times since then.

  • So can you guys finally agree with me...Harbaugh must go.

  • I'm so ******* disgusted

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