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Ring Envy: Week 2 vs. Jets

Ring Envy from Jets fans are the best

  • Wilson vs. Jones... it's time to finally beat the stinking Patsies!!!

  • This is the first win…I guarantee it…if not, ill blame my kid at the end of the game for typing this

  • I so love seeing belichek’s face on a Sunday. Makes my whole day

  • I just hope Zach doesn't see ghosts. Nor the Offensive Line for that matter. Nor the run game.

  • As BP used to say, Belicheat is a wanker.

  • Beat the stinking Pats

  • Pandemic sucks. Job sucks. Wife always breaking balls. Kids are always whining and fighting. Dog is lazy. Joints hurt. Hangover.Can I just have something nice for 3 hours on a Sunday?

  • And so it’s already started, football is trash sport

  • BS already…

  • It is unreal after all these years the underneath and crossing **** still ****ing works for NE...

  • Refs already having an impact in this game SMH

  • Refs are aholes they had no business blowing the whistle that early!

  • I want a stop! Enough with this ****!

  • Are you ******* kidding me

  • This game is already over. What a ******* joke.

  • Why am I watching this

  • Tough playing two teams at once

  • This is a f*cking SCANDAL

  • Unwatchable league. Especially when it comes to these two teams.

  • Forget it I'm just gonna watch Darnold light it up. lol

  • How can you bother putting any into caring???? That’s insane. You are watching a rigged sporting event they are all controlled by a gavillion flags by horrible officiating and lame penalties

  • throwing into triple coverage probably isn't a great idea.

  • Wtf wtf wtf Wilson

  • lol... ******* Jets

  • Same sh*t different toilet with this team

  • Just ****in shoot me in the face

  • I hate this f*cking team.

  • to quote joe b again "you can change the coach, you can change the qb, but the jets will always be the jets."

  • It’s almost like Belicheck is good against rookie QBs. LaFleur is clown clown shoes.

  • Too beautiful a day to have the Jets ruin... Time to go out and smell the roses...

  • Zach Wilson is going to get eaten alive in NY. This is probably going to end up like every other QB drafted.

  • Why oh why, does the Heavens hate this team?

  • Here we go again, damn it

  • OMFG 2 passes 2 INT

  • Zach...your killing me here.

  • One good running play, interception. One good running play, interception. Rinse, repeat.

  • Right through his hands. Are you f***** kidding me?!

  • Trade him for a bag of footballs.

  • We're entering some uncharted waters here.. 2 throws, 2 INTs. Even the likes of Mark Sanchez never did that.

  • I give up

  • Davis has to catch that sh*t, it went right through his hands

  • The underneath was wide open. Zach sh*tting the bed when the run game is going, awesome.

  • I'm ******* done.

  • Zack seeing ghosts?

  • Anybody have any ideas on how to make the playoffs without throwing the ball at all

  • Smart QB's - Take what they give you. Not so Smart QB's - Force throws.

  • Zach needs his diapers changed ASAP

  • Bill Belicheck isnt eating Zach alive. Little chump is doing that himself.

  • The Jets offense is offensive.

  • I'm ok with losing. But why does the team have to be downright embarrassing??

  • I hate when Belichik throws the trick plays at us. like he’s clown in around.

  • It's time we step up as fanbase and make a stand! Get the kid out of here before we ruin his life too. No reason for him to suffer with the rest of us.

  • This is rock bottom. I can't believe after all the nonsense we've witnessed over the years that it could get worse, but here we are. There is absolutely no hope for this franchise right now.

  • Serioulsy why do I even ******* bother watching this sh*t team anymore? Nothing will ever change and we're all retarded for buying in to this nonsense....its a waste of a sunday

  • I know it’s early and this is an irrational take but I’m starting to hate LaFleur lol

  • Where's all the we have our QB fans now

  • 5 passes, 3 INTs...

  • whaaaaaat??? Sit the Kid teach him a lesson

  • Jets did motion and patriots disguised their zone coverage to look like man.

  • If the press goes all in, the kid has a huge moulin to climb..

  • Bench the pos scumbag.

  • Tell me you’re not ready for the NFL without telling me you’re not ready for the NFL

  • And of course Darnold is looking like a pro bowler. We have to be the most cursed team in pro sports.

  • OMG not another Zach interception. He's giving me Sixpatrick vibes.

  • No wonder the Jets' fan in the Bud commercial already has drank all his beer before halftime.

  • Wilson has gone full nathan peterman. Never go full nathan peterman.

  • Can't make this up. This franchise would ruin a wet dream.

  • This is tough to watch for sure

  • Now that was more embarrassing than all the picks...

  • Just had a football shoved up the Jets collective asses right there..

  • In the ghosts game, Belichick was blitzing Sam heavily. Belichick isn't even doing anything special in this game; Zach is self-destructing all by himself.

  • I really hate when we get mathematically eliminated from the playoffs in week two….

  • I wont watch another game this season. I’m out.

  • All that’s missing from this game is a butt fumble.

  • And thats a wrap for the season folks. Improvement from last year, it took a game and a half as opposed to the first five minutes before we knew

  • Who we picking with the #1 pick this year?

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