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The 2023 PFD Pats-Only Mock Contest

You know what time it is...'s 2023 PFD Pats-Only Mock Draft Contest time!

The main set of rules and scoring is the same as always, but I have made a couple changes, also as always. As a reminder or an introduction, here's how it works.

  • Send me the names of the 12 players you most think the Patriots will add to their roster via the 2022 NFL Draft. In a change from previous seasons, these must be projected draft picks, not UDFAs. (We'll address UDFAs later.)

  • The players should be ranked in order of likelihood, from most likely Patriots addition to least. The first player on your list is worth 15 points for a correct guess, the second 12, the third through twelfth 10 to 1, dropping a point for each place on the list.

  • When you send the players, also send the round in which you think the Patriots will select them. A correct round guess for a Patriots selection is worth an extra 3 points.

    • If you guess that the Patriots will draft a player whom they add as a UDFA, you will receive half the points for that slot, rounded up. (Example: In 2020, I had Myles Bryant in my first slot, but as a 7th-round selection. Since he signed with the Patriots as a UDFA, I received half of 15 rounded up, or 8 points for that guess.)

  • You also receive bonus points if you guess multiple players correctly on your list of 12. For two correct guesses, you receive 1 bonus point; if three correct guesses, you receive 3; if four correct, 6; and so on up the triangle numbers.

    • Note these points are cumulative. If three correct, for instance, you do not receive 1 point for the second correct guess and 3 for the third; you'll receive 3 bonus points, period.

  • In addition to your list of 12, please also send the names of the three players you think the Patriots will most likely select in the first round, again ranked as well by likelihood. The first player on your list is worth 5 points if selected by New England, the second is worth 3, and the third is worth 2.

    • If the Patriots make multiple first-round selections, you can receive credit for all players picked by the team in the round.

    • If the Patriots make no first-round selections, you will receive credit for their first pick made in the draft (e.g. Kyle Dugger in 2020).

  • Here's the big change: I would also like you to send the names of three players you think the Patriots will sign as UDFAs, Because players who go undrafted are usually less well-known than those who are selected, the points are higher: the first player on your list is worth 8 points, the second 7, and the third 5. However, you do NOT get these points if the players are drafted by the Patriots.

  • Ties will be broken by, in order:

    • Best score of the main list of 12

    • Most correct selections in the main list of 12

    • Highest-scoring correct selection in the main list of 12

    • Best score of first-round selections

    • Most correct first-round selections

    • Highest-scoring correct first-round selection

    • Best UDFA score

    • Most correct UDFAs

    • Highest-scoring correct UDFA

    • Second-highest-scoring correct selection in the main list of 12 (then third-highest, and so on)

    • Second-highest-scoring correct first-round selection

    • Second-highest-scoring correct UDFA

  • Most importantly, I reserve the right to close any loopholes (that means you, MAC) left open by these rules.

One additional change is that, for the first time in the history of this contest, the prize will be more than just bragging rights: the winner will receive a customized Patriots jersey. It can be of a current or past player, a personalized jersey, or something off the wall. My one requests: nothing offensive, nothing political, and nothing that gets blocked by NFL Shop's customizer should you go that route.

That said, because the cost of a jersey is so high ($130 for a non-customized player jersey, $170 for a custom), I am going to ask those who enter to help cover the cost. Since the last two years have seen 11 and 10 entrants, respectively, I'm going to ask for anyone entering to chip in $15 towards the cost of the jersey. (I'll be entering too, so I'll have at least $15 in there, and I'll also cover whatever's left over. If entrants contribute more money than the cost of the jersey and shipping, I'll add a bonus prize as well.)

(EDIT: Please send your $15 via PayPal or Zelle to

The deadline is one hour before the start of the draft - that is, 7:00 PM Eastern time on Thursday, April 27. You may make changes to your lists until that time.

Send your entries to, and please include your guesses and commenting handle in the text of the email.

To the prognosticator may go the spoils. Good luck!

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