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The 2023 PFD Roster Projection Contest

It's late August. Rosters are being finalized. Thus, contests may spawn.

Once again, it's time for the 2023 PFD roster projection contest; as before, here are the rules:

  • Send me a 53-man roster projection.

That is, send me the names of the 53 (or fewer) players that you believe will be on the roster at cutdown on August 29. While the roster will change before Week 1, this covers the very first cut to 53.

A few tips:

  • If you think the Patriots will trade for a player at the initial cutdown, you may just list that as "trade acquisition" and do not need to name a specific player. You do, however, need to put that in the correct position. (Note that I divide defensive front seven members into DL, ED, and LB, while PatsPicker uses DE, DT, ILB, and OLB. I'll be lenient if you put a trade acquisition in one of those positions.)

  • If you think the Patriots will cut down below 53, put "empty spot" in your projection somewhere.

  • Don't forget that if an injured player is to play at any point this year, he has to make the initial cutdown before IR placement. So if you think he will be playing later in the season, you'll have to have him on your initial 53.

I think that's everything, except that as always I reserve the right to close any and all loopholes. (Sorry MAC.)

One more thing new for this year: as a tiebreaker, please also send the names of the 16 players you believe will be the initial 16 named to the practice squad. They can be current New England 90-man roster players or not.

And as with the mock contest, there will be a prize, again a customized Patriots jersey. It can be of a current or past player, a personalized jersey, or something off the wall. My one requests: nothing offensive, nothing political, and nothing that gets blocked by NFL Shop's customizer should you go that route.

As in April with the mock drafts, because the cost of a jersey is so high ($130 for a non-customized player jersey, $170 for a custom), I am going to ask those who enter to help cover the cost by chipping in $15 towards the cost of the jersey. (I'll be entering too, so I'll have at least $15 in there, and I'll also cover whatever's left over. If entrants contribute more money than the cost of the jersey and shipping, I'll add a bonus prize as well.)

Please send your $15 via PayPal or Zelle to

Email with your projections. Deadline is Monday, August 29 at 11:59 PM Eastern time.

Have fun, and good luck!

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