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Training Camp Thoughts

I went to training camp Thursday on the second day of camp. Here are just a few thoughts so we could get a new article up.

  1. Training camp was fun. It was just great to be there. They were not wearing pads. It was a bit slow because as usual early in camp there are more group workouts than team scrimmages. I was impressed with Mac Jones' compact throwing motion. IMO, Cam Newton has a longer slower motion. Cam was involved in a lot of goal line plays, some with him as a receiver. It was the first time seeing Cam in training camp and he is a big, strong, fast athletic man.

  2. Cam scored a TD in front of me. Then he rolled the football to a little kid. The child was excited and the fans cheered. After a few minutes a security guard wanted the ball back. The mother wouldn’t give it back. The crowd booed and chanted "keep the ball”. It ended up that they gave the kid another ball. When Cam scored again he faked doing it again but the security guard shook her finger at at him not to do it. The crowed went wild after seeing that. Cam is a showman but not a consistent QB.

  3. To me the thing I don't like about Cam Newton is that he can't make all the throws a QB needs to make in the NFL to move the ball at the end of games and to get key first downs. A QB needs to throw a good sideline pass. He needs to throw the ball quickly before the WR makes his break and the ball needs to be there at the sideline. This is something that Cam Newton is not good at and when a QB is not good at that they tend to throw the ball down the middle of the field more or use their legs to gain yardage which is not the best use of time at the end of games or in the two minute drill.

  4. The fans love Gunner Olsezwski.  Every time he touched the ball the cheers grew louder.

  5. Dont'a Hightower is back!!! There is no doubt that he is in charge of the defense. Other players take their cues from him that is for sure. He has lost some weight but it was not as noticeable as I thought it was going to be.

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