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Week 1: Patriots vs. Miami

Patriots football is back!

This year looks a lot different from last year (not quite as different as 2019). I'm excited to see Mac Jones in a real game. I'm optimistic about the kid but I'm sure we'll have some growing pains. I'm excited with the depth of our front 7 but concerned with the secondary. I still think this defense will be much better than last year.

I believe the Pats will pull off the win by beating the Phins 31-24 and my bold prediction is Mac tears it up for more than 400 yards and 3 TDs.

Thoughts from the board


Excited about: Mac, of course. Whatever rookie mistakes he might make aren't really of any concern because he has an elite coaching team that will draw out the best in him. Also excited about Meyers. He's going to get his chance to shine this year.


  1. Gilmore. Best case, he's on the team after week 6, with an extension/new contract. Otherwise, that position is a little worrisome.

  2. The rest of the receiving corps. They need to get/stay healthy and realize that you catch a ball instead of watching it fall through your hands in amazement.


The Original MAC

Would like to see how the new TEs help the offense, particularly compared to last year, and will they help Mac's transition to NFL starter.

Also, how well the players who opted out last season (COVID) do this season.


I'll throw this out there... naturally I'm curious to see how Mac handles the pressure of the real thing- I'm expecting mistakes along the way, but it'll be interesting to me to see if (a) he plays so cautious trying to avoid a mistake that he misses good opportunities, (b) if he makes a mistake, how does he rebound from it, and (c) if he doesn't really make any glaring mistakes, what sort of production does he end up with.


Dnom - Pats win 23-20 and Meyers finally gets a TD

Blighty - Pats win 24-17 and Matt Judon gets to sacks (Jim cries)

Rking - Pats win 27-17 and Gunner houses a punt return

Neil X - Pats win 23-16 and Mac throws 0 INTs and Tua throws 2

Mac - Phins win 24-20 and Pats use this as preseason game 4 to finally get a healthy offense in synch

Dino - Pats win 18-17 and Both offenses struggle against a strong pass rush; Tua and Mac both throw 2 INTs; Nordin misses every kick

dp73 - Pats win 26-24 and Mac Jones throws 2 TDs (each to Smith and Henry)

Adastra - Phins win 20-17 and Pats treat this as the 4th preseason game

Mattsky - Pats win 23-17 and Chase Winovich gets a sack

Panic Time - Pats win 21-17 and there's a 3 hour delay because an unvaccinated spectator snuck into the stands

Deadsmack - Pats win 31-14 and Damien Harris rushes for 100+ yards and 2 TDs.

Opinion Slayer - Pats win 24-20 and Mac 273 yds 2 TD's 0 INT's, JJ 92 yds 1 TD, JC 1 INT

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