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Week 12: Patriots vs. Vikings

Turkey and football!

The defense needs to contain Jefferson as best as possible. Please for the love of god... offense do something.

Patriots win 24-17

Bold Prediction: Mac throws 3 TDs

Thoughts from the board


This is going to be a game to see which defense blinks first and which OL holds the fort the best.

Vikings win 20-16

Bold Prediction: One TD pass for Mac.


The Pats have a fantastic defense going up against an elite WR/RB combo in Justin Jefferson and Dalvin Cook (and a QB who has been known to stumble in prime time) and a lugubrious offense (plus turnstile offensive line) going up against a strong defensive front but questionable (aside from Harrison Smith) secondary. (I used far too many parenthetical interruptions in that last sentence.) I trust the Pats' defense to hold and the Pats' offense to break through once.

Patriots win 22-11

Bold Prediction: Jack Jones gets a pick in coverage of Justin Jefferson.


I keep hoping that the offense will get things going, but Matt Patricia keeps kicking my optimism in the balls. I do think that our defense will do enough to slow down cousins that we can squeak out a win against a good team in prime-time.

Patriots win 24-17

Bold Prediction: Harris and Stevenson combine for 200 yards and 2 tds


Yeah, an angry and motivated 8-2 team versus a team whose porous offensive line is thinned by injury...please finish your second helping of turkey before kickoff. The tryptophan can only help.

Vikings win 27-7

Bold Prediction: Less than 200 yards total offense for the Pats, and Matt Patricia eats his Thanksgiving dinner on the sideline during the fourth quarter.


Boy, I hope I an wromg but the Viking laid an egg last week and I don't see them doing that again.

Vikings win 34-16

Bold Prediction: Fans stop saying that Cousins sucks and give him some credit for helping his team be 8-2.


New England can do to the Minnesota offense what Dallas did, but can't duplicate what Dallas did on offense.

Vikings win 16-13

Bold Prediction: Matt Patricia, in his postgame comments, will point out that he called the most ingenius defensive play in the history of the Superb Owl.


Vikings pass defense is bad. I think our offense can take advantage of that. On D, expect them to shut down the Vikings offense.

Patriots win 17-9

Bold Prediction: Judon 3 sacks and a turkey leg


I trust the defense to hold Minny to a couple of TDs, but don't trust our offense to keep up. Another Folkfest.

Vikings win 20-16

Bold Prediction: Stevenson doesn't score 3 TDs.

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