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Week 13: Patriots vs. Bills

The time has come. Can we show that we're still the Patriots?

Look, the Bills are the best team in the AFCE (debatable for the conference and I'm sure Dolphins fans would have something to say as well) but they've been mortal the last few weeks and are dealing with some injuries. I loved what I saw in the first two quarters by the offense last week (redzone BS aside). Can we get that for an entire game? Can the defense play well against an elite offense? Who knows? At this point, I'm here for the beer.

Patriots win 33-31

Bold Prediction: Mac builds off of last week and has the best game of his NFL career

Thoughts from the board


Bills are good, but they're playing hurt. Hoping the Pats can take advantage.

Patriots win 27-17

Bold Prediction: Pierre Strong redemption TD


Even the Pats' throwbacks can't overcome the better team.

Bills win 33-17

Bold Prediction: The Pats have no flags for facemasks, unnecessary roughness, or running into the kicker.


Pats are in the red throwbacks, at home, and the bills have some sort of illness running through the locker room. Not to mention they've looked a little shaky at times the last few games. I think they're beatable and I think the pats might just be able to squeak this one out

Patriots win 24-21

Bold Prediction: DMac intercepts Josh Allen in his 200th game, 100 yards and 2 tds for mondre


The red throwbacks give this team the power to conquer thousands of football galaxies. Unfortunately for the Bills, we exist in the same galaxy.

Patriots win 28-14

Bold Prediction: Josh Allen throws a pick 6


Lest we forget, the Patriots' defense hasn't kept the Bills out of the end zone since January. Josh Allen destroys more Patriots fans' hopes than the Pats' red zone offense.

Bills win 31-10

Bold Prediction: The D somehow forces a punt on Beefalo's first possession, the skies open, and a host of angels greets the Foxboro crowd with a majestic Hallelujah. Then the Bills get a TD on their next possession.


Too windy for Folk to contribute most of the offense, Pats D is not top 10

Bills win 31-20

Bold Prediction: ...I'm thinking....


I have no idea.

Patriots win 23-14

Bold Prediction: Wise and Judon team up to sack Allen for a safety


What's the weather forecast?

Bills win 34-17

Bold Prediction: ST touchdown for the Pats


I want to say Patriots but I just heard Trent Brown is sick again and may not play.

Bills win 37-16

Bold Prediction: Strong gets a TD


Nailbiter down to the end, Pats somehow manage to not screw a bunch of stuff up

Patriots win 27-24

Bold Prediction: Stickman goes wild, 2 deep bombs, 1 TD


Pats play well but Bills just a bit too much as they kick a winning FG

Bills win 23-20

Bold Prediction: Neither OT for Pats gives up a a sack


Pats go with a heavy ground game.

Patriots win 16-13

Bold Prediction: Mac scrambles for a TD

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