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Week 14: Patriots vs. Cardinals

Can Belichick try turning it off and turning it back on, again?

I think most of us fans would like to hit the reset button. Some of us would like for Agent K or Agent J to do that pen flashing thingy where it makes us forget it altogether. I had high hopes during the offseason. We were looking at building on what Mac and Co. had built on last season. Mac was spending time with the receivers, hitting the weight room, etc. We should be better, right!? Nope. Belichick made some questionable decisions whether it was the coaching staff, roster (OL especially), or whatever "playbook changes" they made. He's still the GOAT, but my god will he please fix us before next year? I can't even pick the Pats to win against anyone, right now. They can play a quarter or two pretty well and give me hope only to throw it all away the rest of the game.

Arizona wins 33-19

Bold Prediction: defense scores our only TD

Thoughts from the board


I can't predict another Patriots win as long as Matt Patricia is still bollocking up the offense.

Cardinals win 25-18

Bold Prediction: Marcus Jones pick-six


The Pats face yet another running QB they'll have difficulty containing. And if each loss reinforces to Bill his mistake in his coaching choices, then all the better to make sure it gets fixed in the offseason.

Cardinals win 27-14

Bold Prediction: A rare mistake free game by ST


Defense and Nick Folk will do well.

Cardinals win 19-16

Bold Prediction: Jones doesn't blow up on the sidelines.


This just seems like the perfect score for this game.

Cardinals win 13-12

Bold Prediction: We're all going to hear JJ Watt's name waaaaay more than we're comfortable with.


Call me crazy, or just naieve, but i still think the pats find a way to win this with their backs up against the wall. *Maybe* matt patricia surprises us with his best called/planned game of the season- and the offense manages to score some points while the defense keeps murray in check

Patriots!!! win 24-14

Bold Prediction: Sad that its come to this... but... we score a red zone touchdown


The defense is going to be too much for Kyler Murray. Look for the Pats' offense to capitalize when defense gets turnovers.

Patriots win 33-17

Bold Prediction: Marcus Jones kickoff return for a TD


I trust the defense to stop the Cardinals

Patriots win 21-10

Bold Prediction: Patricia stops using his offensive playbook he found at the back of a Denny's menu and calls a decent game.


I really have no clue as to who wins but I am hoping for a win.

Cardinals win 72-0

Bold Prediction: The lack of Patriot offense this season s brought up 72 times during the broadcast


Both offenses are mediocre, but the Pats' defense is better

Patriots win 23-20

Bold Prediction: If they don't win this week, they won't win another game.


I don't trust the offense but I trust Murray even less

Patriots win 26-18

Bold Prediction: Parker 2 TD's

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