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Week 15: Patriots vs. Colts

It's December and the Patriots have the #1 seed in the conference

If you would have told me back in October that the Patriots would be the top team in the AFC after Week 14, I would have asked you to share your amazing reefer with me. We were sitting at 2-4 and our only wins were against the Jets and Texans (who currently have 5 combined wins). A lot of us played the "if this didn't happen" or "if this happened" game, where we deduced the unreality that we should have been 5-1. The reality was, we could have absolutely been 5-1 by the end of Week 6. The fact was, we weren't. Since then, the Pats went on a 7 game tear just obliterating their opponents. Remember when the OL was hot trash? Well, not anymore. Remember when Mac only threw the ball like 10 yards? Well, not anymore. Remember when our defense would keep us in the games but got burned out by the end of the game and would make mistakes? Well, not anymore. Remember when our run game wasn't very good because nobody could hold on to the ball? Well, not anymore. This team stopped making mistakes, they started running the ball hard behind a much improved OL, Mac Jones started making all the right decisions (because he wasn't getting hit every play), and our defense went from being pretty solid to elite. In my opinion, I can't think of another team that is more balanced across all three phases.

Now, let's get into this week's matchup. The Colts are a team that has also improved. They too were sitting at 2-4 after Week 6. With an improved Carson Wentz, a dominant runner in Jonathan Taylor, and a very stingy defense, they've won 5 of their last 7. Their two losses were close games against the Titans (34-31) and the Bucs (38-31). Comparable to our win streak being against sub-par teams, they too beat Buffalo... and by a lot (41-15). So, their record might only be 7-6 compared to our 9-4, but this team is not much different from ours. This will be a huge test for both teams with a lot on the line with regard to the playoffs. Let's not forget that the Colts hate our team and have for years. We're gonna get a fired-up team playing on their home field. Thankfully, we have the best coaching staff and are undefeated on the road, this season. Let's get this win and then we're on to Buffalo (again).

Pats win 33-24

Bold Prediction: Jonathan Taylor is held under 100 yards rushing

Thoughts from the board


Back to a balanced attack. Some different receivers step up this week. Agholor has a bounce back game. Stevenson and Harris both have good games.

Pats win 24-27

Bold Prediction: One of Agholor's two TD's goes for over 50 yards.


Okereke said the Colts want to make the Pats one-dimensional? I suspect BB wants to do the same with Indy and take away Jonathan Taylor.

Pats win 26-17

Bold Prediction: Meyers TD #2


Pats are due for a stinker. They have a chance to win if they contain Taylor.

Colts win 27-17

Bold Prediction: Wentz and Jones each with 2 INTs, 2 TDs


War of attrition gets more intense

I win 32-0

Bold Prediction: a current division leader won't make the playoffs


Think the Pats run defense will finally slow down Taylor. Pats offense is too diverse for the Colts D.

Pats win 27-14

Bold Prediction: Dugger returns and has a sack and an INT


Jonathan Taylor with less than 50 yards rushing, but 75 receiving. Jones with a big day passing.

Pats win 31-20

Bold Prediction: Gregg Doyel finally shuts up. Really bold.


Colts seem to play good teams close but I think this one will be a blowout. At least they get their participation banners for this one.

Pats win 34-14

Bold Prediction: Stevenson 200 yds running and 2 Colts players get thrown out of the club

Oscar the negative nancy

Let's not forget...the Colts lead the league in takeaways. I see a reversion to September football for the Pats on the road. Multiple turnovers for the Pats offense. You can't keep giving Indy chances....

Colts win 24-13

Bold Prediction: Taylor under 100 yards. Wentz over 300 yards.

Northshore (the female Oscar)

Sticking with my reverse jinx by predicting a Pats loss. It worked the last few times.

Colts win 24-20

Bold Prediction: Irsay changes his mind and opens the roof


Pats are going to slowly clamp down on the Colts run game, and neutralize the most explosive back in the league right now.

Pats win 30-14

Bold Prediction: Pats defense gets two ints and one fumble recovery.


If the Patriots take care of the ball, score TDs not FGs (when they get in the red zone) and don't let Taylor run like Cook did vs. the Steelers, they have a great shot at winning. If not, it could get ugly.


Mac shreds the middle of Colts D with TEs and Meyers

Pats win 31-20

Bold Prediction: Taylor runs for 125 yards (or more) in loss and Hightower strip sacks Wentz in 3rd quarter to take control of game

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