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Week 2: Patriots vs. Dolphins

Finally, get our IOL guys back, and Brown is out? Could be another ugly one

No Jonathan Jones either? He's played well against Tyreek. It'll be interesting to see how the defense plays. The offense should run a lot more than they did last week. I hope Billy O keeps the hurry-up offense as much as possible. Will Tua beat us, again?

Probably not going to be a pretty game.

Patriots win 24-20

Bold Prediction: Zeke gets 2 rushing TDs

Thoughts from the board


I trust the Pats D more than the Fins D

Patriots win 31-21

Bold Prediction: Mac throws for more TDs & yards than Tua


Despite literally not having an O Line, the pats still manage to pull out the win thanks to the defense shutting down the dolphins and the offense using screens and quick throws to make the most of what they've got.

Patriots win 28-24

Bold Prediction: Interceptions for Dugger and Gonzo, pats beat Tua for the first time


Look for the Pats d-line to pickup where they left off.. I suspect there will be good pressure and containment on Tua.

Patriots win 31-19

Bold Prediction: Smith-Schuster 2 tuddies to prove the doubters wrong.


Stop me if you've heard this one before: mistakes and missed opportunities early, defense breaks on a few drives, late rally falls short. OL too in flux and can't hold up in key moments.

Dolphins win 24-20

Bold Prediction: Marcus Jones pick 6 with a fancy return


Nope... not yet.

Dolphins win 28-13

Bold Prediction: 2 INTS by the Pats


Defense plays lights out against a fast Miami offense. Meanwhile, the offense makes the necessary improvements.

Patriots win 27-10

Bold Prediction: Tua gets injured in the 2nd quarter from a clean sack by Judon.


Nail biter that goes back and forth for a bit. Pats offense opens it up more,

Patriots win 30-27

Bold Prediction: Juju gets a 100 yard game.


Scheme and edge pressure limits Phins' O; Pats run all day and all night and all over the Miami D.

Patriots win 24-21

Bold Prediction: Zeke gets a TD.


Not sure about potential patches on the patchwork offensive line.

Dolphins win 23-16

Bold Prediction: The starting offensive line finishes the game.


I am concerned about the the Patriots OL but I am doubtful that Dolphins defense can stop the Patriots running and passing game. The Pats should improve that ground game this week. The Dolpins gave up 233 rushing yards last week.

Patriots win 31-27

Bold Prediction: Both Stevenson and Elliott score TD's.


Pats finally get a win vs Tua, force two key INT's

Patriots win 26-23

Bold Prediction: Both TE's with a TD

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