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Week 2: Patriots vs. Jets

This should be an easy win, right? ...Right?

Week 1 is behind us. Mac Jones played a good (albeit simple and safe) game. I really hope we get to see some big plays this week. Will JJ get a chance to play, or will Stevenson get a chance for redemption? I really hope the front 7 puts the pressure on Wilson and keeps it on.

Pats win 34-21

Thoughts from the board


I think the TEs will be better integrated this week, and I'm hoping to see HT shake off some rust even if he might not be as good as he once was. Also, more screen passes. Way more.

Bold Prediction: Kyle Dugger scores a TD


Get Meyers a touchdown, dammit!

Bold Prediction: Kickoff return TD for NE


Do we get more splash plays from the defense? FF, INT, Sacks? Would've thought the unit would have done more against the Miami O-line, but they came out kind of flat. I think this week they play with a little bit more fire. For the offense- does Mac have another mistake free week? What sort of production do we get from the TE's? (especially if Jonnu is limited or doesn't play)

Bold Prediction: We get a touchdown from 4 different sources: a WR, TE, RB, and Def


Need the D-line to control the LoS. Godchaux needs to step up, because they were kinda handled last week.

Bold Prediction: Stevenson scores his first NFL TD


The Pats clean up the penalties and turnovers. Mac throws 3 TD's while the defense adds a safety.

Bold Prediction: The Bills lose to Miami. The week's hot take: NE has the best QB in the AFC East.


Less fumbles (NO fumbles please) The D Line actually stopping the runner before he gets 4-5 yards. The DBs playing closer to the line than they did in the first game. OLBs doing containment on their side.

Bold Prediction: We get a touchdown on our first offensive series.


Team needs to cut down on TOs and penalties. Front 7 performance is key to a W.

Bold Prediction: 2 INTS by the defense.


Same problems with D-line and O-line, weaker opponent.

Bold Prediction: Pats win


The Patriots need to get in the win column. I think the defense will be better and the offense better in the red zone

Bold Prediction: Hunter Henry has a big game


The Jets are a rudderless ship and as beatable as NFL teams come. I think Zach Wilson makes some big plays but superior red zone execution helps the Pats hold them to field goals.

Bold Prediction: JJ Taylor has the best game of his pro career. Patriots running backs slice up the Jets defense in the pass game.


Pats will rush for +150 yards and both TE's (Henry and Smith) will score a receiving TD

Bold Prediction: Zack Wilson will have a pick 6

Score Predictions

  • rondo723: Pats win 27-17

  • Dnom: Pats win 27-6

  • Rking: Pats win 31-10

  • Blight: Pats win 28-14

  • Clark: Pats win 23-3

  • Dyims: Pats win 21-13

  • MAC: Pats in 20-17

  • Dino: Pats win 20-19

  • dp27: Pats win 27-16

  • Hugo: Pats win 24-20

  • Deadsmack: Pats in 21-7

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