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Week 2: Patriots vs Steelers

Week 2 is over, but hey...

We won the game AND I think I've got the first version of my script written so that I can easily post (and not miss!) the weekly Game Article. This new article is a test to make sure all works well. So far, I'm seeing it work fine. That said, there are a few things I need to figure out:

  • How to handle multiple lines of text if someone adds it in the Bold Prediction or Game Analysis column. I may look into some kind of markdown parser that will allow me to format multiple lines of text.

  • How to only export real data from the spreadsheet to JSON. Right now, if someone types outside of the normal columns (e.g. Panic looking for the email address that he signed up for Disqus with) that ends up being thrown into the JSON Data which I have to clean up and remove before posting.

  • Need to find an elegant way of handling no-data added fields (e.g. someone doesn't add anything in Bold Prediction or Game Analysis). I will either skip the column for that entry altogether or publically chastise the lazy SOB.

Anyway, here's the first article using the script I wrote and it works and will make it much faster and easier for me to post weekly!

Also, my bold prediction came true. Weigh in.

Thoughts from the board


It's been a couple of years since these two teams played. They both look very different. I expect to see some of the same issues we saw last week against the Dolphins, but we get the win in an ugly one.

Patriots win 17-10

Bold Prediction: Mac Jones doesn't take one sack


Both offenses struggle but the Pats find the end zone

Patriots win 13-9

Bold Prediction: Mac Jones scores a TD on a scramble


Too much pressure for the Pats' O-line to handle.

Steelers win 17-10

Bold Prediction: Nothing bold will happen.


Pats offense needs to step it up after last week. Will they? I had this one as a win before the season started, but I'm doubtful until they show me something positive.

Steelers win 20-13

Bold Prediction: Nick Folk is perfect again. That's all I got.


Big D@#k Nick's unit shifts at the wrong moment causing him to miss an XP. However, he redeems himself by nailing the game-winning FG as time expires.

Patriots win 16-13

Bold Prediction: both Wynn & Brown play the whole game without getting hurt


A lot of check downs and quick passes make them better.

Patriots win 20-13

Bold Prediction: They bounce back as a team this week.


The offense starts to look a little more competent, they cut down on the turnovers, and are able to put together a few long scoring drives. Defense comes up with a few turnovers against trubisky.

Patriots win 24-13

Bold Prediction: Both Harris and Mondre end up with over 100 total yards and a score


2021 week 2 history repeats itself.

Patriots win 25-6

Bold Prediction: I'll be ready to face the world head on by Monday. HAHAHAHA!


Short passing game.

Patriots win 20-9

Bold Prediction: KB 2TDs


How should I know Goddammit, this will be the first game I see!

Patriots win 20-17

Bold Prediction: I get Wordle in two guesses

Mark Patriots

Patriots defense stops the Steelers and gets some turnovers. Patriots offense does enough to make it a comfortable win. No Watt and MT at qb for the Steelers are big pluses in the Patriots favor.

Patriots win 24-10

Bold Prediction: Patriots defense gets 2 turnovers.

North Shore

Pats O will play much better. D will make one mistake that will give the Steelers a freebie TD

Patriots win 35-20

Bold Prediction: Gotta go with Mark. D will get at least 2 turnovers and at least one of them will result in a TD.

Opinion Slayer

I was the closest last week, you skinny necked weaklings. Start lifting Bros because you too can be an Adonis. Haha, who am I kidding, you people are all weak and ugly.

Patriots win 17-6

Bold Prediction:


Both offenses still not in synch. Both defenses hang tough. Home field tilts the game.

Steelers win 20-17

Bold Prediction: Jones with 1 TD and 2 INT. Trubisky follows suit


Our D will dominate and the offense will have more opportunities and I believe the offense will be more effective

Patriots win 34-10

Bold Prediction:


Both team's defenses play well until 4th quarter; score is tied 14-14 before the start of the period.

Steelers win 24-17

Bold Prediction: There will be a punt return for a touchdown against the Patriots; there will a fumble that is returned for a touchdown against the Patriots.


Pats continue to turn the ball over (2 INT, 1 fumble lost) , and let a winnable game slip away late

Steelers win 24-13

Bold Prediction: Christian Barmore 1.5 sacks, 1 FF


The Patriots, of course. 'Cause they're no other reason why. The Patriots are the balls!

Patriots win 31-0

Bold Prediction: Jack Jones nabs a pick six.


Might be an ugly win, but a win is a win.

Patriots win 17-10

Bold Prediction: No significant injuries


I entered this prediction after the game ended, and I need you to be OK with that.

Patriots win 17-14

Bold Prediction:

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