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Week 3: Patriots vs. Jets

Can we finally get a win!?

The Patriots will be under duress. Will Billy O be able to scheme something enough for us to get our first W?

Wilson is terrible (especially against Belichick).

Patriots win 28-17

Bold Prediction: Mac Jones has his first 4 TD game

Thoughts from the board


Good defenses, piss-poor offenses, make for a FG fest.

Patriots win 2023-12-09T06:00:00.000Z

Bold Prediction: Pats win.


This should be the one for their first win. Agree with Bones. Two good defenses, 2 struggling offenses. Not much scoring. Mac >> Zach will be the difference.

Patriots win 16-13

Bold Prediction: This will go to OT.


Two upper echelon defenses. Two pedestrian offenses (and that's being nice to Zach Wilson). I think we can all see where this is headed.

Jets win 21-14

Bold Prediction: Five, count `em, five defensive touchdowns, accounting for all of the scoring in this one.


Pats come out angry and and the offense gets out of its own way for once, shockingly against a great defense. 3 phase domination. Zach Wilson sees ghosts, goblins, ghouls, Cthulhu, The Picture of Dorian Gray

Patriots win 34-13

Bold Prediction: Lawrence Guy fumble recovery TD -> fat man dance


Even with a crap O-line, I trust Mac against the Jets' defense far more than I could trust Wilson against the Pats' defense.

Patriots win 23-20

Bold Prediction: Boyce escapes from Jim's basement and dashes onto the field just as Zach Wilson lines a throw towards Garrett Wilson. The pass hits Boyce in the hands and bounces into the arms of Christian Gonzalez. Kyle Dugger flattens Boyce with a devastating block as Gonzalez takes it in for the deciding touchdown.


Zach Wilson loves to pass the ball to our DBs.

Patriots win 24-13

Bold Prediction: Gonzalez 2 INTs


Win....or the season is over. I read that somewhere

Patriots win 17-10

Bold Prediction: TD for JuJu


The offense doesn't shoot itself in the foot, and it turns out they look pretty good. OL tightens things up against a good jets front and the defense totally shuts down the Jets offense

Patriots win 28-10

Bold Prediction: The number of TD's mac throws and the number of INT's Zach wilson throws are the same. (3)


The Jets have a good defense but the Patriots do enough on offense to pull out the win.I can't wait until I can feel better about this offense to predict over 30 points again.

Patriots win 17-16

Bold Prediction: The running game finally gets going. I can't think of a bolder prediction than that.

Jdog Lemon Head

Wilson sees Ghosts and the offense gets short fields to score due to turnovers. This is my first prediction of the season and we have lost every game this year when I have not predicted.

Patriots win 23-16

Bold Prediction: No turnovers on offense.


It will be an absolute slaughterhouse with the offense coming out. The Jets defense is VERY good but the Patriots are tired of the disrespect. The defense will crush the Jets beleagured offense.

Patriots win 45-10

Bold Prediction: Mac Jones throws a pick or two but gets no less than three passing TDs and runs one in.


Act of God Game II [adverse weather conditions would help Jets keep it close]

Patriots win 13-6

Bold Prediction: Isaiah Wynn will not commit a penalty and Jonnu Smith will not catch a pass. New kicker won't miss due to fear of RK killing him in his sleep.


Jim sux. Pats defense reminds world that jets backups are still awful. Pats offense shows moderate improvements. [Jim has the Pats defense giving up less points than you predict. So, you suck]

Patriots win 28-9

Bold Prediction: Jim realizes there is no god, pats win comfortably.


Jets will run for over 175 yards; Mac will be sacked four times; Pats run for under 75 yards

Jets win 17-13

Bold Prediction: Pop Douglas gets the only Pats TD on a jet sweep.


Defenses rule the game. Missed PAT seals the game. Fumble fest in the making.

Patriots win 21-20

Bold Prediction: Special teams play scores the winning TD.


I hate the Jets so i hope they suck against the Patriots

Patriots win 24-0

Bold Prediction: Zach Wilson throws two Pick 6


The Patriots defense buys the offense enough chances to get the ball over the plane twice. Zach Wilson lacks the time and brain cells to play a clean game.

Patriots win 23-17

Bold Prediction: Keion White records his first career strip-sack.

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