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Week 3: Patriots vs Ravens

Dirty, dirty birds

You know, I don't know if it's because of Harbaugh or what, but I probably hate the Ravens the most out of any other NFL team. Maybe it's because I lived in Maryland for 8 years? Anyway, I think we're still in preseason. I think we're still going to see some WTF moments. I do think that our defense is solid and just waiting to break out. I do believe in Mac and think he's our QB for now and the future. I hope he gets the right coaching he needs and deserves. Right now, I don't know if he's getting that. Maybe? I think this will be an ugly game but I think we win at home.

Patriots win 27-17

Bold Prediction: Judon gets a sack and an interception

Thoughts from the board


Pats offense clicks against the Ravens' mediocre D, Jackson runs and runs and runs.

Patriots win 34-30

Bold Prediction: Three catches for Lil'Jordan.


Lamar Jackson is not the QB I wanted to face in the home opener...

Ravens win 38-10

Bold Prediction: L Jackson has a hand in all five TDs that Baltimore scores (3 pass, 2 rush).


The Pats' offensive explosion won't be enough this week.

Ravens win 27-20

Bold Prediction: Wynn and Brown play the whole game without getting hurt. Mills doesn't suck in this game.


Until the offense can put more points on the board to give the defense a bit of breathing room.................

Ravens win 28-17

Bold Prediction: Zoo gets the Twitter feed fixed.


I can't pick against New England, ever. This should be established by now.

Patriots win 20-16

Bold Prediction: Mac scramble score


Old school defensive slugfest

Patriots win 16-9

Bold Prediction: With Buffalo playing Miami The Pats have a shot of moving up into a tie for second place in the AFC Standings

Mark Patriots

Patriots continue their dominance over the Ravens. Ravens get a late score to make it look more respectable.

Patriots win 27-24

Bold Prediction: Jones throws for over 300 yards. This would be only the 3rd time Jones has done this in his career.


I see the Pats run game controlling the TOP, limiting Lamar Jackson's time on the field.

Patriots win 38-17

Bold Prediction: Harris and Stevenson combine for more than 200 yards of offense (catching and receiving).


Lamar Jackson runs for 4 TD's in the 1st quarter.

Ravens win 52-0

Bold Prediction: The Patriots play as bad as the media says they are. lol


Harbaugh gets fooled on a trick play, which should be the difference in this game.

Patriots win 24-17

Bold Prediction: Mac throws no picks


A late TD makes this look closer than it was

Ravens win 31-21

Bold Prediction: Davante Parker AND Jonnu Smith catch at least one pass each for positive yards


would have picked the Ravens prior to their injury news, but the Pats will pull it off. Close game.

Patriots win 24-17

Bold Prediction: Bourne will be out of the doghouse and into the endzone for a TD.


Pat's D rises to the occasion.

Patriots win 30-29

Bold Prediction: Agholor has a career game.


The offense continues to slowly improve with Hunter Henry involved.

Patriots win 23-17

Bold Prediction: TD Hunter Henry


Pats defense limits the Ravens rushing attack and forces lamar into making some mistakes. Pats offense moves the ball but ends up settling for field goals

Patriots win 26-20

Bold Prediction: Big Kick Nick outplays Justin Tucker


From his statement in the thread

Patriots win 31-20

Bold Prediction:


Lamar gets his yards and distributes to his receivers; Tucker hits three long ones

Ravens win 30-13

Bold Prediction: Jakobiless Mac throws 3 INTs


TE's get more involved, Judon has a big game

Patriots win 22-20

Bold Prediction: Red Sleeves with 2.5 sacks


Offensive struggles continue, Mac & company struggle through the air

Ravens win 24-13

Bold Prediction: DeVante Parker finally gets his touchdown reception

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