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Week 4: Patriots vs. Cowboys

Another week, another challenging defensive line

Last week, the Pats mustered out a win against a hapless Jets team, thanks mostly to Zach Wilson being terrible. Midway through the 4th Quarter, we had gained well over 300 yards of offense but only one TD. The offense has to do better if we expect this team to do anything other than flirt with .500 this season. The entire offense needs to play better. Last week, they took a step forward with fewer penalties and costly mistakes but never made one trip to the red zone. Can this offense put together a full 4 Quarters?

The Pats defense is solid, if not great. I think they'll cause some problems for this Cowboys offense, which hasn't been very impressive in its first three games. Can we finally get a score from the defense? Maybe some turnovers? That's the only thing missing from this defense, through three games. Once those start pouring in, maybe the rest of the league will start talking about it. This will be another test for the offense, as this will be their fourth game against a stout defensive line. Pray for Mac.

Can we pull off this upset? I think this will be a low-scoring game. it'll be a defensive battle. I will always choose Belichick in these types of games.

Pats win 23-17

Bold Prediction: Gonzo gets his first pick-six

Thoughts from the board


Pats can run on these guys.

Patriots win 24-21

Bold Prediction: Zeke with two TDs in Jerryworld.


The Pats are a bit healthier on offense but defense is a bit beat up. This won't matter much as the defense' core players are good to go and will hold down the high powered Cowboy's defense to no more than 2 TDs total. The Pats will play a more complete offensive game but struggle at times in defense.

Patriots win 24-20

Bold Prediction: Mac gets greater than 300 yards and starts the full turn around in his season. He will will throw a pick, likely to Gilmore, but will throw no less than 2 TDs. Zeke will be kept in check as will Rhamondre. If Mac doesn't throw a pick, it will be a turnover free game for the offense.


I don't know. having a rough day today (Wed) so let's say something about the secondary.

Patriots win 27-17

Bold Prediction: pats rookie TD


17 is the average points the Pats score per game. I don't see Dallas scoring less than that.

Cowboys win 27-17

Bold Prediction: Pick 6 by Gonzo


I want to pick the Patriots but I just haven't seen enough good things lke running the ball and scoring points to do so.

Cowboys win 28-17

Bold Prediction: Gonzales still plays well.


I want to pick an offensive breakout game... but im not confident they can do it against dallas... that said I think they get enough offense to win the game and the defense keeps dallas in check.

Patriots win 21-17

Bold Prediction: Juju catches a touchdown and the rumblings about his ineptitude die down a little bit


Another moral victory (blighty was right, as usual, because he's a wussy boy whose life goal is to collect participation trophies).

Cowboys win 19-18

Bold Prediction: New kicker misses GW kick. RK goes on rampage and kills him, kidnaps Folk and brings him to Foxboro. He then seeks refuge (along with Kodi) in my basement.


Pats run game finally gets some results; Pats D frustrates Dak and McCarthy

Patriots win 20-19

Bold Prediction: Zeke and Henry get the TDs.


Cowboys seem to have several flaws that play into the Patriots favor. Look for the Pats offense to show improvements from last week's slopfest. An act of god makes Jinn realize his trespasses against the pats, he repents and sees the light again (and no Jinn, I won't let you edit this cell).

Patriots win 34-16

Bold Prediction: Jeremiah Pharms Jr. gets a sack on dak!


Pats take the lead in the 4th qtr but Dak leads Dallas to a win with a late drive

Cowboys win 27-23

Bold Prediction: Douglas with his first TD catch

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