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Week 4: Patriots vs. Packers

Week 4 in Green Bay without our starting QB

Yeah, so this season hasn't started off great (in any sense of the word). That said, these are the types of games we're supposed to lose that Belichick somehow pulls out a win. Maybe we'll see some simplified play calling and the team just executes well. Maybe we'll see Hoyer The Destroyerâ„¢ throw 5 interceptions. Who knows. I feel good today.

Patriots with the upset and Belichick is asked if Hoyer is the QB going forward during the presser.

Patriots 23-17

Bold Prediction: Hoyer throws for 3 TDs

Thoughts from the board


Rodgers sucks. That's my analysis. He's a douche who deserves to lose.

Patriots win 21-7

Bold Prediction: Pats upset the Packers.


Pats FG fest since I have zero confidence in Red Zone Hoyer.

Packers win 24-16

Bold Prediction: Zappe hits the field at some point.


The Pats run the ball well but just settle for FG's too much.

Packers win 26-19

Bold Prediction: Harris has big game.


Hope I'm wrong and the Pats O has a great effort in rallyng around The Destroyer

Packers win 24-13

Bold Prediction: No turnovers


The wheels are coming off the Pats wagon. Not permanently, but they're going to crash for a while before righting the ship

Packers win 34-10

Bold Prediction: the lone TD for the Pats will be scored by the D on a pick 6


Surprisingly close, thanks to a respectable performance by Hoyer the Destroyer. The Packers' D seals it in the end, however, with two 4th quarter picks.

Packers win 34-22

Bold Prediction: Barmore with a breakout game. 2.5 sacks.


I never pick against the pats... and I especially wont pick against The Destroyer... also, i think the packers can be run on. Harris and Stevenson are going to outplay Jones and Dillon.

Patriots win 24-21

Bold Prediction: Rodgers gets picked off twice


What Blight said

Patriots win 16-13

Bold Prediction: What Blight said. And I get Wordle in two guesses.


Road woes; offense still struggles.

Packers win 23-7

Bold Prediction: The only Patriots TD will be a fumble recovery for a touchdown.


I'm not sure the Pats are ready for both the running and play-action game of the Packers. Packers WRs aren't really imposing other than their two trees in Lazard and Watson. Jon Jones has been playing well but he's 5'10' and he'll either be going against a 6'4" WR or a 6'5" WR. Pats pass rush has to make Rodgers get rid of the ball quickly and short and then they have to not miss tackles. If they can handle all that, then they can pull the upset. Just not seeing it right now.

Packers win 27-19

Bold Prediction: Same as the 1st 3 weeks. Wynn and Brown play the whole game without getting hurt and Mills doesn't suck. I guess I'll add that Wynn does not commit a penalty this week.


I feel so dirty. I hope to be cleansed with wrongness.

Packers win 17-6

Bold Prediction: Will October bring tricks or treats for us Pats fans?


Running game.

Patriots win 17-9

Bold Prediction: Bailey Zappe plays more than one snap


All about the defenses

Packers win 20-13

Bold Prediction: Both QBs throw an INT in the end zone.


Hoyer the destroyer lights up the Packers' D

Patriots win 27-24

Bold Prediction: Henry 2 Tds


Defense plays tough and Hoyer does enough

Patriots win 20-16

Bold Prediction: TD Smith

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