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Week 6: Patriots vs. Broncos

Week 5? Week 6? Who cares, the Pats are finally playing!

  • Is Cam gonna play? Will Stidham start? Will Hoyer the Destroyerâ„¢ prove all his doubters wrong?!

  • Are we getting Gilly back? No, not from COVID, I'm talking about the 2019 version.

  • Can Winovich continue to build? I want everyone who watches the NFL to start talking about him, after this game.

  • Edelman, can you please make the idiots that doubt you (because of a game of bad dropsies, as if you haven't always had a dropsies problem) shut up and remember you in Week 2?

  • DK Metcalf, I mean... N'keal Harry, will you please be the Anquan Boldin we all want(ed) you to be?

  • Is Gunner going to play? Will he pick up where he left off, this Summer, or simply play ST?

  • Damiere? Jakobi? Are you our last hope?

  • Who are the Tightends, again?

I think the Pats win by a lot. I think Cam plays and makes fantasy owners love him, again.


PFD Predictions

  • Bones: Pats win 9-8 and Edelman completes a pass

  • MAC: Pats win 17-12 and the Pats' third stringers beat the Broncos' third stringers while the rest of the team cheers in quarantine

  • DNOM: Pats win 21-9 and the Patriots score more on D/ST than on offense, including at least one Safety

  • Neil X: Pats win 19-12 and the Broncos don't score a touchdown

  • DP73: Pats win 24-16 and Devin Asiasi catches his first NFL TD

  • Hugo: Pats win 27-13 and Jarrett Stidham gets his first career start

  • Rking: Pats win 28-14 and Winovich forces a fumble

  • Blighty: Pats win 31-17 and Harry scores at TD on a jet sweep *sigh*

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Jarod Taylor
Memorable Sports Moments
Kevin Walker's tackle on Bo Jackson (childhood hero), ultimately ending his career, Steve Atwater's hit on Christian Okoye, Super Bowl XXXVI, The anger I felt when the Pats lost Super Bowl XLII, Malcolm Butler's interception against the Seahawks, The Pats comeback win in Super Bowl LI