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Week 8: Patriots vs Chargers

Bye week vs. Jets is over

Yeah, last week was fun. It gave us a great Ring Envy and some confidence, or at least a sneak peek into this team's potential. Can we carry that momentum into LA? Historically, the Pats traveled well when playing in LA or San Diego. Was that because of Brady, though? Anyway, I just hope we see another good game by all three phases. Win or lose, I want to see growth. That's it.

Chargers win 34-21

Bold Prediction: Hunter Henry has his best game as a Patriots against his former team and goes for over 100 yards and 2 TDs.

Thoughts from the board


2nd-year Herbert against NE probably outscores 1st-year Herbert against NE, but 1st-year Mac Daddy is looking like a gem.

Pats win 31-26

Bold Prediction: Not only does Jakobi get his touchdown, it's a game-winner with less than a minute to go.


A lot of points and a lot of yards for both teams.

Pats win in OT 37-34

Bold Prediction: Jones throws 3 TD's to 3 different receivers

Cat "yes that cat"

The pats get back to reality after the Jets' bye week.

Chargers win 27-17

Bold Prediction: I agree with DNom, Jakobi gets a TD. I also agree with DP, Jones throws 3 TDs, unfortunately one one them is a pick 6.


Win streak baby! Harris and the run game control the clock and the pats find a way to limit the chargers aerial attack

Pats win 31-24

Bold Prediction: Jakobi finally, FINALLY, gets into the endzone... on a jet sweep


Chargers have been told repeatedly how they were blown out and embarrased last year by NE and are coming off a bye. They need this win to regain the lead of their division and with the secondary struggling Herbert will be too much for Mac to keep up with.

Chargers win 24-17

Bold Prediction: D. Harris breaks 100yds again with another TD


Chargers look thin on RB depth, and could become one dimensional. Look for the Pats defense to slowly clamp down on the chargers offense as the game progresses.

Pats win 30-14

Bold Prediction: Barmore gets a strip-sack


The decimated Pats secondary will be overwhelmed in this game

Chargers win 29-21

Bold Prediction: DNOM finally gets to dance riot.

Author Note: my season bold prediction is MAC will pick the Pats to win at least once this season


Herbert gets his revenge against a very weak Pats secondary; Pats run game slows them down by eating clock, but can't stop them.

Chargers win 27-24

Bold Prediction: Patriots run for over 175 yards


Trick plays galore just to irk the McD haters. Pats' D comes through.

Pats win 31-27

Bold Prediction: Bolden and Jakobi TDs. Zoo gets the opponent changed before gametime. ;-)


Pats squeak by a Nick Folk FG. Pats get back to earth after slapping around the Jets.

Pats win 24-21

Bold Prediction: Mac Jones catches a TD from Meyers. Meyers still won't catch a TD and Boston will burn because of a mathematical whiz kid.

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