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Week 8: Patriots vs. Jets

Yes, finally, a team that we can beat! I think? I don't know, anymore

This has to be one of the worst Belichick teams I've ever seen when it comes to playing disciplined football. So many uncharacteristic mistakes in every game. When was the last time our team had an identity? Mac Jones needs to chill TF out. Belichick needs to get way more involved with the defense. MP/JJ need to get an Offensive Coaching for Dummies book. The defense needs to be consistent. The offense needs to keep it simple. I can't pick against the Pats, this week, though. Not against the Jets.

Pats win 24-21

Bold Prediction: Tyquan has his best game as a Patriot

Thoughts from the board


Zach Wilson is going to get exposed.

Patriots win 35-10

Bold Prediction: Mac Jones revenge game.


The defense is reeling. This may be another example of the defense making a shitty QB look great. Mac still shaking off the rust, physically and mentally. Hope I'm wrong.

Jets win 31-21

Bold Prediction: 2 INTs by each team, 1 for a pick 6


I think it's gonna take Jones a while to get in some sort of stride. If he's pulled again, it's the Toilet Bowl for the Pats.

Jets win 24-17

Bold Prediction: Mac Jones plays the entire game.


Harris and Stevenson run wild

Patriots win 27-24

Bold Prediction: Zappe plays the entire game . lol


I have a sharp dislike of the Jets.

Jets win 21-6

Bold Prediction: After the game, my dislike of the Jets will remain.


Pats defense comes out angry and Mac plays a mistake free game

Patriots win 31-13

Bold Prediction: Bill announces after the game that there will be an open QB competition each week until the end of the year


Pats have to win this game. If they don't, I may have to lower my win total prediction.

Patriots win 23-20

Bold Prediction: Patriots win. Wynn doesn't have any penalties called on him. Mills and Godchaux don't suck.


This is a must win game. Pats must rebound and get the offense going. Otherwise, I don't see how we manage to get a playoff spot with a 3-5 record with all 3 division teams better than us. Patricia better call more plays under center and use the offense that has been successful for Zappe this season and Mac last season.

Patriots win 21-17

Bold Prediction: No turnovers. Yes. Finally a clean game for Mac.


The Jets are a little better running and defending the run, but the Pats will mess with Zach

Patriots win 20-17

Bold Prediction: I think it's pretty bold picking the Pats!


I trust Belichick's D against Zach Wilson. <--twss

Patriots win 31-11

Bold Prediction: New England never turns the ball over


We're on to East Rutherford

Patriots win 44-13

Bold Prediction: After the game, Mac gives Zach Wilson a wedgie at midfield

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