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Week 9: Patriots vs. Commanders

Well, it was fun while it lasted (or not)

We had a great game in week 7, only to fall back down to earth in Week 8. This team is falling apart with injuries. Here's to hoping they're competitive.

Commanders win 24-14

Bold Prediction: JC Jackson pick six

Thoughts from the board


Optimism gone.

Commanders win 19-6

Bold Prediction: Boutte is active and catches at least one pass.


Time to tank. The season is lost. Better to lose out(except for the Jets game) than to win some and end up like one of Jeff Fisher's old 7-9 teams, aka stuck in purgatory.

Commanders win 24-17

Bold Prediction: Thornton catches a TD.


Hoping the team that lost 40-20 to the Giants shows up.

Patriots win 24-17

Bold Prediction: Boutte catches three passes.


Washington traded away their best pass rushers. If the Pats can't win this game, they really could go winless the rest of the season.

Patriots win 52-46

Bold Prediction: Mac Jones throws for 400+ yards 5 TDs and 0 INTs


I dunno, Commanders need a rebrand I guess.

Patriots win 18-10

Bold Prediction: Stevenson over 100 yards from scrimmage, 2 TDs.


The pats will be without Christian Gonzalez because of his injury. Meanwhile Washington will be without Emmanuel Forbes, who they drafted one spot ahead of Gonzalez, because he sucks. So at least we've already got that going for us. In all seriousness, Pats defense limits Howell and the Wash offense, and Mac and company find a way to put up some points against a seriously undermanned Commanders defense.

Patriots win 34-17

Bold Prediction: Pats defense has 6 sacks- 3 from keion white


Yes, WAS traded away 2 good defenders, but the Pats don't have the offense to take advantage. Howell >>> Mac right now so advantage WAS.

Commanders win 27-17

Bold Prediction: IF the Pats win, the WAS coached is fired by Monday


The last home game Mac came fro behind to win at the end. This game the Patriots score over 30 points. Go Pats !!!

Patriots win 31-20

Bold Prediction: If the lose they fire Bill Belichick on Monday moring at 6AM and move Steven Belichick up to interim HC.


Ugly game with lots of punts and bad QB play. But if they can't beat the Commanders at home then pack it up pack it in like House of Pain

Patriots win 17-16

Bold Prediction: This will not be a fun game to watch.


Pats O-line and defense are banged up, but they manage a defensive TD that wins it.

Patriots win 24-23

Bold Prediction: Boutte will catch four passes, and be out of bounds on every one.


I've seen Washington play twice this year. Saw them play the Eagles tough. Saw them give up 33 to the friggin' Broncos. So I have no idea what that team is made of. They did trade away their pass rush recently, though, so that will allow McCorkle more time to see that his receivers aren't open.

Commanders win 24-22

Bold Prediction: A group of Navy veterans gathers outside Gilette Stadium to protest the use of the name "Commanders", saying it is demeaning to all of the enlisted personnel who served in the US Navy and that they should change the name of the team to the "Seamen". More than 50% of this chat group chuckles at this. Northshore just rolls her eyes.


I haven't watched Washington so I really don't know.

Patriots win 20-16

Bold Prediction: Jim posts a picture of him self with a NY Yankees hat on his head as a B Day gift to me. :) .


They don't suck as bad as they have, but they still do suck. The Commanders also suck and are shocked and confused by the outcome, going as far as attempting to protest the game and be assigned a retroactive forfeit.

Commanders win 23-3

Bold Prediction: Tyquan Thornton tries to run a go route and vanishes into the nether realm

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