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Wild Card: Patriots vs. Bills

Part three in the freezing cold? I'm ready for McDermott to make a fool of himself, again

When this season started I had very low expectations. We had a disaster of a season last year with a QB that couldn't throw the ball any better than Tim Tebow, COVID made it the weirdest season ever, and our beloved GOAT QB had left us for greener pastures. We drafted Mac Jones with the 15th overall pick in the draft and I fully expected him to have a year holding a clipboard and learning everything he could. Fast forward to today and we're right where we've been for just about every year since 2000 with that rookie QB leading the charge. This is house money, folks. I couldn't have asked for a better 2021 result. Mac is our future and I'm pretty happy about that. Let's get this win.

Patriots win 28-24

Bold Prediction: Matt Judon is the MVP of the game

Thoughts from the board


No analysis, but a reminder that the Pats have already beat the Bills once on the road and a long-confessed admission that I cannot bring myself to pick against the Pats.

Patriots win 28-20

Bold Prediction: Pats have a 100 yard receiver


Game 3 of the series is always hard to predict, as each team knows each other so well. The Bills have been struggling on offense, and I think the Pats can take advantage.

Patriots win 24-20

Bold Prediction: Josh Allen vows to never take medical advice from Bart Scott ever again, throws two picks. Breaks his penis.


A defensive slugfest. Judon comes back alive with a big game.

Patriots win 19-16

Bold Prediction: Harris has 100 yard game.


The Pats have had all their good luck. This is the measure of the two teams.

Bills win 27-19

Bold Prediction: Mac throws another pick-six (I wish that were bold)


Both teams are 0-0 since the regular season is over. Playoffs are a different animal. I don't expect the Pats to repeat last week's mistakes.

Patriots win 21-17

Bold Prediction: clean game for the offense

Mark Patriots

The teams are equal when stacked against each other with one exception and that is the QB position.

Bills win 31-17

Bold Prediction: Patriots start slow. Jones throws more than 3 passes this time in Buffalo


The biggest dildo on the field won't be thrown by fans... it's Sean McDermott... who still won't want to give BB too much credit

Patriots win 27-21

Bold Prediction: If picking the Pats to win isn't bold enough... i'll call this: Josh Allen throws a pick 6 to JJ Williams


I'm not saying a thing...

Bold Prediction: OT

Original MAC

The Bills have waited 58 excruciating years to avenge their lone playoff loss to the Pats from their one and only playoff meeting. Also, the Pats weakened secondary doesn't bode well.

Bills win 26-20

Bold Prediction: Less than 100 fans will finish their hot dogs or hamburgers before they refreeze.


Pats go run heavy again but mix in play action passes. Bad week for BoSoxJim to keep me cut off from Tums.

Patriots win 20-13

Bold Prediction: Pats special teams gets a score.

Panic Time

I'm saying exactly what Oscar said.

Bills win 27-17

Bold Prediction: Covid protocols will impact the game!


Another slugfest, big day for Folk.

Patriots win 19-17

Bold Prediction: Bolden with the only Pats TD


Bills open with scoring drive and Panic among the rank and file ensues. Pats score 10 before the half. Pats dont score in 3rd. Bills are up 19-10. More panic. Pats score twice in 4th win by one. The Crowd goes wild. Much leg humping!!

Patriots win 20-19

Bold Prediction: Harry with TD in first QRTR! Bolden who was not purged will score the other TD. The rest of the points come by the Youthful and powerful leg of BIG KICK NICK!

Author Note: it felt good typing out YoTheOrangeDog on this. Welcome back, buddy!


Pats won't lose back-to-back

Patriots win by 10

Bold Prediction: Pats running game goes for 180 yards or more.


Too much Josh Allen, not enough Mac

Bills win 24-18

Bold Prediction: This may or may not be a reverse jinx

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