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Ring Envy: Preseason Edition Patriots at Eagles

Time to get everyone ready for the regular season. Reading a preseason version of Ring Envy is what the doctor ordered. Here's what Eagles Fans had to say about the game.

  • We playing the Pats? Let's Go.

  • The Eagles won the toss and will receive the ball, unsurprisingly.

  • No FG kicker in this game. Uggh. Already.

  • Ugh. Again. Wait wtf. Flacco??!?

  • Belacheat isn't wearing his usual gear. LOL.

  • Just reporter Jalen "came down with an illness” today. Not buying it.

  • Flacco and Mullens...yikes. This is going to be a short game for me

  • Never has my excitement for a preseason game been killed so quickly.

  • Ufta what a crap show...

  • Well that was messy.

  • This team doesn't tackle in practice. They only practice one hour a day. Now their starters only play 2 series in all of preseason. SOFT

  • It started okay but a recreation of the start of the super bowl where the opening snap resulted in a safety.

  • F’n bad news bears

  • Come on Birds, get your heads out of your butts.

  • Flacco is going to be exposed in this game.

  • why did we pay joe flacco so much money to suck at football?

  • I get being careful but cmon man give us something!!! Totally killed my excitement lol

  • Resting the starters....already??!!!

  • Jalen "Can't go coach, my stomach" Hurts

  • Teams a bust

  • Boos incoming

  • I’m so annoyed the patriots have all their starters and we can’t enjoy anything my god man

  • This is pretty pathetic. Team is so soft

  • Basically Eagles 2s verses the Pats ones.

  • let’s just go ahead and tank

  • Is this the real test?

  • Looks like all that great d was used up in practice

  • People are melting down over a preseason game.

  • This may be a colossal crapshow. Oh boy.

  • Flacco is straight trash

  • Smith's gonna get abused in this league if he doesn't add some muscle.

  • Punter looking good! Hope his leg doesn't fall off after tonight.

  • Flacco is an avg QB at best. But, the dude is getting killed by the backup OL.

  • Let’s hope our starters stay healthy. Scrubs look bad.

  • This is boring. I'm out. Hope no one gets hurt

  • Josh McCown > Joe Flacco

  • How is it that we have a head coach whose primary coaching in his career has been with wide receivers, and we are dropping balls left and right

  • My gawd, Matt Pryor is just horrible..

  • Milton Williams looks lost

  • I feel sorry for the fans that paid to be at this sheetshow.

  • alot of cuts incoming

  • Backups looking like they don't want to be on the team

  • I know it’s preseason but you can bet this team hasn’t met many of the objectives tonight that the coaches wanted to see.

  • God Pryor stinks. Can’t wait to see his name on the cut list.

  • Siriani looks like a doofus with that stupid pink highlighter hanging from his visor.

  • Why the F would Flacco throw that ball?!?!

  • Why the F wouldn’t Reagor fight for that ball

  • We are garbage

  • And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the end result of a near decade of awful drafting.

  • Preseason really is unnecessary. We were plenty capable of playing terrible last year without preseason.

  • hey don't get mad my friends , this is getting us ready for the season that most of you have predicted.

  • F this team

  • Immediately at the close of last season, we should've traded Cox, Graham, Barnett, Johnson, Brooks and every other older washed up/underperforming player for Belichick, straight up, as long as they assumed the contracts. We are in deep trouble, and not getting out of it any time soon.

  • Break out the booze. Gonna be a long year.

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