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Two Tom Brady Memories

Here are two Brady moments that I was there to witness that I thought about right away when I heard that Brady retired for good.

New Orleans Saints @ New England Patriots: October 13, 2013

My cousin Bruce had just started going to the games with me and mostly to the colder games when the crowds were a little more subdued. Like it mentions in the article, some of Brady’s weapons were hurt. Brady got the ball back. "After another defensive stand, Brady's offense once again got the ball back with 1:13 to play. Absolutely nothing to that point indicated a comeback in the offing." "Six throws later, New England sat on the Saints 17-yard line with just 10 seconds to play, and you know the rest." "A beautifully thrown ball right over the defender landed in the outstretched hands of undrafted rookie Kenbrell Thompkins for a game-winning score."

So, the crowd went absolutely nuts - one of the louder extended cheers I ever heard at the Stadium when the game ended. As we were leaving it got even louder. The sound system was blaring “Glory Days” by Bruce Springsteen as we were walking out. Fans were hugging one another and giving each other high fives and screaming. My cousin Bruce had never experienced this kind of excitement after a football game before. It was such a great moment and I was glad that Bruce could see it happen live.

Chicago Bears @ New England Patriots: November 26, 2006

The home game before this game was on the Gillette Stadium natural grass field that was nothing but natural. At a home game against the Jets, the field was a mess. It was mostly dirt with some grass and the Patriots painted it green. Robert Kraft put in an artificial surface for the next home game for this Bears game. This was the game where Brady juked Brian Urlacher. The crowd went nuts, especially when he made the first down gesture. Brady couldn’t have made this move in the home game against the Jets and if he tried he might have gotten hurt. His career might have been different. This was a great Brady moment for sure and I will remember this one forever. On the day that Tom Brady retired, Gresh and Fauria they were taking on how Robert Kraft and the Patriots should honor Tom Brady. I was in and out of the car so I didn't hear all of it. The consensus was that they should build a Tom Brady statue at Gillette.

Although I agree with that I think there is more they should do. I think Kraft should waive the 5 year waiting period for Brady to get into the Patriots Hall Of Fame. Don't make it a vote, just put him in this year. They should have his induction ceremony inside the Stadium. They should retire his #12 and add a special section in the Hall of Fame. Maybe even put a banner up with his name and number right next to the championship banners.

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