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Week 1: Patriots vs. Eagles

First game of the season and it's against the reigning NFC Champion

First of all, I'm just excited football is back! Also, I'm interested in seeing what this team can do with an actual offensive coaching staff. I still feel like Billy O was the team's splash signing this season. He's on another planet compared to that clown show we watched last season. I even think he's a better OC than McDaniels. That said, we still have a pretty questionable offensive line. Let's hope the starters stay healthy (and whoever takes the starting RT role can do a solid job).

My optimism comes from the fact that the Eagles lost more than they gained this offseason, and I think there will be a bit of the SB hangover. The OL is what we expected: a work in progress. We do just enough on offense and defense to give the Eagles a loss in an upset (while TB12 is in the building).

Patriots win 23-17.

Bold Prediction: Belichick draws up a good game plan to contain Hurts and force him to throw. No rushing TDs and less than 30 yards on the ground for the QB.

Thoughts from the board


New OC, rejuvenated offensive players who believe in the new system, an improved defense, and the jacked up crowd from the Tom Brady celebration means we win a game not many think we'll win. Pats defense keeps a sluggish eagles offense in check which gives some breathing room to our offense.

Patriots win 24-14

Bold Prediction: Mac Jones has 3 passing TD's in his first game under BoB


Until this offense proves it can consistently move the ball and keep Jones off the turf, I don't see them scoring much. And you can't rely on the defense to bail you out each game. Other than that...looks good.

Eagles win 27-13

Bold Prediction: Pats force 3 turnovers, but capitalize on one.


I hope I am wrong.

Eagles win 24-17

Bold Prediction: The Patriots run a lot.


Patriots hybrid defense looks to contain Hurts, and I think it will work.

Patriots win 28-13

Bold Prediction: Patriots +2 in turnover battle


Defense will give us the W. Offense will struggle but do enough to help the D do what it does best.

Patriots win 21-17

Bold Prediction: Gonzalez pick 6.


Strong D and, I'm hoping susprising to many, a revitalized offense. Also I never can pick against the Pats and that stays true.

Patriots win 27-17

Bold Prediction: At least one TD for the rookie WRs


My optimisn comes from the fact I'm a homer. The D holds Philly to mostly FG. The O is work in progress but encouraging.

Patriots win 20-16

Bold Prediction: Matthew Judon 2 QB sacks


I think it will be a higher scoring affair than most realize but the Eagles will unfortunately win.

Eagles win 33-28

Bold Prediction: Mac Jones will outperform Jalen Hurts.


I have no idea.

Eagles win 23-20

Bold Prediction: Baringer has a 70-yard punt.

Ad Astra

Patriots win 21-17

Bold Prediction: Mac Jones leads a clutch 2 minute winning drive on Tom Brady's night after playing mediocre all game.


Pats D plays well, but the Iggles will have success running the ball. Meanwhile, the Pats O-line is a rotation fest, and there are just too many mishaps to allow momentum.

Eagles win 20-17

Bold Prediction: Pop Douglas gets a TD. Henry gets the other.


Pats O-line is still a mess and the Iggles D line is going to feast. The Pats O will play just well enough to not totally embarrass themselves

Eagles win 42-24

Bold Prediction: D will get a pick-six. Mac will get sacked 9 times.


Pats hang in most of the game but lose on a late FG

Eagles win 16-13

Bold Prediction: Keion White with two sacks

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