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Week 12: Patriots vs. Titans

Is this for real? Are our boys a legit team? Are we a real threat in the AFC?!

I'm guilty. I'm 100% guilty. I thought this season was just a season for Mac 10 and the other youngsters to learn. I had very low expectations and assumed we'd have a Top 10 pick in the 2022 draft. I'm eating crow and I love it. This is a team reminiscent of the early 2000s when a certain QB had taken over a team and led them to the promised land, three times. We have an efficient (albeit not flashy) game managing rookie QB, a monster run game, and a defense that is quickly becoming one of the best in the league. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I have much higher expectations for this team than I did in week 5. I was wrong and I'm so happy I was.

The Titans are done. Without Henry, they're probably giving up that division to the also rising Colts (a team we face in a couple of weeks). The Pats are however not overlooking the Titans. Since Vrabel took over the HC job of the Titans, the Pats haven't fared well against them. That said, I think this red-hot Pats defense comes close to shutting this sputtering Titans offense out and Mac 10 and the offense do just enough to put this game out of reach by the third quarter. Tomorrow morning, the rest of the NFL will be on notice. The New England Patriots are still here and they're not going anywhere!

Pats win 33-10

Bold Prediction: Patriots rush for more than 200 yards

Thoughts from the board


Titans' backup WRs have been doing very well as fill-ins. Have to make sure the secondary keeps stepping up.

Pats win 29-11

Bold Prediction: Onwenu catches a TD pass


The Titans are good against the run but the Patriots OL is getting better. That said the pass game needs to be better this week.

Pats win 20-17

Bold Prediction: Mac Jones runs for the winning TD


Pats run game needs 110 yds + for a win. Make the Titans one dimensional on offense. This is a bellwether game as they've only beaten 2 teams that currently have winning records. But the Titans are hurting, so the Pats better take advantage.

Pats win 24-23

Bold Prediction: 2 TD game for Jonnu


The undermanned Titans are running into a team that's playing good complimentary ball in all 3 phases. Pats are giving off strong 2001 vibes. I think they keep rolling.

Pats win 31-14

Bold Prediction: Tannehil throws 3 ints, and the defense scores another TD


Titans are just too decimated to be competitive.

Pats win 30-10

Bold Prediction: Tannehill 2 picks and a fumble


Too many injuries for the Titanics; Patriots could be in a trap-game fog, at least early on; it won't be easy to score points for either team; the defenses may have to contribute points on the board.

Pats win 23-20

Bold Prediction: Jakobi Meyers throws another TD pass


Even when the Patriots are going well, they always manage to have a game like this....

Titans win 34-17

Bold Prediction: Turnovers a-plenty! NE loses four fumbles in this one.


The stars are aligned for a patriots victory and BB knows how important this win is and the Titans just aren't the Titans without Henry. Pats make their stand as the AFCE leader.

Pats win 31-20

Tropic-of-cancer Blight

Titans are beat up, especially on offense. Look for the Pats defense to shut down the Titans offense, barring the standard scripted plays to start the game.

Pats win 27-6

Bold Prediction: Winovich gets a garbage time sack.


Tanny withers, Pats roll.

Pats win 31-17

Bold Prediction: Belichick smiles during the game.


The Pats continue to improve in all phases. The banged up Titans can't compete

Pats win 27-13

Bold Prediction: Meyers 2 TDs , Winovich 2 sacks


Vrabel has outsmarted BB once again by putting all of his #1 options on IR, thereby leaving nothing for Bill to take away and negating the entire defensive strategy. Guerilla warfare ensues, with some 10th-string fullback running roughshod. Just kidding, but I do think it will be close until the end.

Pats win 24-17

Bold Prediction: Agholor catches a 50+ yard bomb from the peashooter

Panic Time

Hard fought game. Turnovers on both sides.

Pats win 17-3

Bold Prediction: Panic will soon spread to become a lifestyle. Who am I kidding? It's already here.

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