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Week 15: Patriots vs. Raiders

Teacher vs. The Student

Can Bill embarrass Josh or will it be the opposite? Both teams are pretty unpredictable. If we win this our playoff chances certainly improve. The rest of the regular season won't be a cakewalk, that's for sure. I think they keep fans' hopes alive and we win in an ugly one. I am guessing a slow first half with a defensive push in the second. The offense shows up just enough.

Patriots 24-17

Bold Prediction: Defense gets three turnovers the offense only scores off of one of them

Thoughts from the board


I trust Mac. I don't trust Matty P.

Raiders win 22-18

Bold Prediction: Marcus Jones pick-six


I need to see consecutive games before I think MP is starting to get it.

Raiders win 24-23

Bold Prediction: I may be banging my head against the wall: ST plays an error free game.


I trust the defense to keep on ballin' and carry the team to the postseason.

Patriots win 28-14

Bold Prediction: Uche 2 sacks 1 FF


I have no idea. Defense does well.

Raiders win 20-16

Bold Prediction: McDaniels recreates his victory celebration when he beat the Pats in 2009.


Defense continues to set the tone for the team, and the offense actually doesn't look like total ass for 4 quarters

Patriots win 28-17

Bold Prediction: Derek Carr throws the same number of TD's to davante adams as he does to the pats defense


I always predict the Patriots to win, and every time they do I'm right. Undefeated baby!

Patriots win 28-17

Bold Prediction: Barmore 2 sacks


The Radiers have been a more up and down tean then the Patriots. The Patriots defense makes this a down week for them.

Patriots win 27-24

Bold Prediction: Henry and Mac Jones have big a big game


Raiders will get their yards on offense, the Patriots will make red zone mistakes as usual

Patriots win 23-20

Bold Prediction: Pats defense will score again

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Jarod Taylor
Memorable Sports Moments
Kevin Walker's tackle on Bo Jackson (childhood hero), ultimately ending his career, Steve Atwater's hit on Christian Okoye, Super Bowl XXXVI, The anger I felt when the Pats lost Super Bowl XLII, Malcolm Butler's interception against the Seahawks, The Pats comeback win in Super Bowl LI