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Week 3: Patriots vs. Saints

Can we go 2-1 before you-know-who comes to visit?

The first two weeks we played conservative football. We were one fumble away from being 2-0 so I think we continue to see the conservative offense. Mac is being careful and it shouldn't change this week against this Saints defense. Lattimore is back and I imagine he'll be avoided most of the game. The Saints are pretty stout up front so running down their throat won't work, either. I think we see a lot of checkdowns again with the occasional downfield throw. McDeeznuts needs to get the ball in the hands of his big tight ends, get White involved as much as possible, and hope the ball carriers can get the yards. On defense, it's pretty simple, limit Kamara and make Jameis Winston make mistakes. Maybe we get 5 INTs this week?

I think the Pats play a solid game, the Saints make some mistakes, and we welcome our buddy back next week feeling pretty good at 2-1.

Pats win 24-17

Thoughts from the board


Weather, Trent Brown's Adrian Phillips availability. Hoping to see no ints by the pats and a couple of them by the saints. Could be a nail biter.

Bold Prediction: Mac has a no INT game along with 300+ yards and two TD passes.


Hoping to see something resembling a pocket provided by the Pats O-line; Their O-line is better than Pats' D-line, and their D-line is better than Pats O-line;

Bold Prediction: Isaiah Wynn will have two red zone penalties that kill TD drives. Maybe that is not bold.


The Patriots will run the ball better and eat up the clock and try to keep Kamara off the field.

Bold Prediction: Big game for Harris.

The OG Mac

If the O-line holds, this could turn into a win by the same score.

Bold Prediction: 2 TD passes by the other Mac


It'll all come down to stopping Kamara. My guess is he has a big first quarter but we slow him down after and Jameis ends up making a few mistakes.

Bold Prediction: Jameis has more yards and TD's than Mac, but also more INT's... and pats win thanks to winning the turnover battle


Pats defense needs to take away Kamara as a threat. Yea, easier said then done.

Bold Prediction: Chase Winovich gets a sack


Run defense.

Note from Zoo: Mark with some in-depth analysis, here haha

Bold Prediction: Patriots shut down Kamara


Still waiting for that Meyers TD.

Bold Prediction: Mac gets his first game-winning drive, complete with a full-on "UNICORNS! SHOW PONIES!" moment.


OL needs to give Jones time, but their track record isn't great this season, esp without Brown. And mobile QBs have given NE fits in the past. Could be a long day for the D.

Bold Prediction: Another game, another missed XP. This time, it's costly....

Neil X

Right side of the OL does not hold up enough for Mac to make enough plays


The game gets away from NE early. Pats go down 0-7 and can never climb back out.

Bold Prediction: Kyle Dugger is a bright spot in pass coverage


Pats pass block protection will improve today

Bold Prediction: Pats will finally score a pick 6 today


X-Factor - James White. Y Factor - Gunner for STs. Hoping to see Mac Jones pass more downfield.

Bold Prediction: Alvin Kamara gets mugged today.

Score Predictions

  • Dyims - Pats win 31-25

  • Dino - Saints win 24-20

  • dp73 - Pats win 20-16

  • The OG Mac - Saints win 21-17

  • Rking - Pats win 24-21

  • Mattsky - Pats win 24-17

  • Mark - Pats win 31-17

  • DNOM - Pats win 31-27

  • Oscar - Saints win 20-19

  • Neil X - Saints win 24-19

  • Hugo - Saints win 13-24

  • Deadsmack - Pats win 21-10

  • AdAstra - Pats win 24-17

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