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Week 5: Patriots vs. Saints

To tank, or not to tank

I don't even know what to think about this team, right now. I've been a Mac supporter since he joined the team. He showed signs of being at least an above average QB in his rookie season, was dealt a crappy hand in his second season, and is now showing similar traits he was showing last season. I hope the Dallas game was an outlier, but Mac needs to improve, and he needs to improve quickly. The OL is trash; we know this. The run game is non-existent; we know this. Mac is also making some really bad decisions and has made some pretty gross throws to go along with it. I'm not making excuses for the guy, anymore. I do think he has the talent to start in this league, but I feel like he's still broken from last year's debacle.

This team looks like the same team we've seen for the last few years: one that can beat crappy teams and one that can't beat the better teams. I hope that changes.

Good news? Saints are a pretty crappy team, so we get a W, we get our hopes up, only to eventually have them crushed next week against a crappy team because BB isn't very good against his old OC, for some reason. Maybe we get two wins in a row and start prepping for a playoff spot, only to get annihilated by the Bills (again).

I don't know what to think of this team right now. I guess this is what being a Pats fan will be like until the team figures itself out.

Patriots win 28-17

Bold Prediction: Defense gets us a TD

Thoughts from the board


I don't know anymore... I really don't.

Patriots win 12-0

Bold Prediction: Pats win in underwhelming fashion, again.


I'm not convinced the Pats can score more than 20 on anyone.

Saints win 23-20

Bold Prediction: Douglas scores a long TD on a sweep.


Mac goes 0/55 with 55 pick-6's on cross-field floaters to Bourne, after the game says he "needs to do better"; BB announces that he is moving to Latitude Margaritaville in Watersound, FL; Bernard Pollard comes out of the stands to suplex Robert Kraft at midfield.

Saints win 385-0

Bold Prediction: Josh Uche 1.5 sacks


Defense banged up. OL banged up. Maybe 27-10 is conservative.

Saints win 27-10

Bold Prediction: With injuries piling up, Bill pulls of a hockey move and pulls down players from the stands. One of them scores a TD.


"And I meant every word I said, When I said that I love you, I meant that I love you forever... And I'm gonna keep on lovin' you, 'Cause it's the only thing I wanna do"

Patriots win 35-14

Bold Prediction: Patriots score more than 20 points


I'm just hoping we turn it around.

Patriots win 24-14

Bold Prediction: JC Jackson 3 INTs in his return


When everyone expects a low scoring game, it turns out to be the opposite

Patriots win 51-45

Bold Prediction: Smack doesn't insult Mac Jones

dp 73

The running game has to come alive or this score can't happen. The defense has to find its way without two of its best players.

Patriots win 20-17

Bold Prediction: Jc Jackson makes a pick.


Not quitting yet.

Patriots win 19-14

Bold Prediction: Douglas actually gets more than 18 snaps


I think the Saints have Derek Carr at QB, They may also have some guys that used to be Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara. After that, I'd need Google. And the Patriots seem to be cobbling together a slightly less mediocre offensive line than they've had thus far, so, you know, there's that. This is McCorkle's most important game ever, IMO. If he can't beat the Saints at home, then maybe he's not the solution after all. I'll give him another shot, but he's got a lot to prove...

Saints win 24-22

Bold Prediction: Game ball to Chad Ryland. Five field goals. All inside of 40 yards, but hey, give the kid a pat on the back and some extra orange slices. He'll have earned `em.


A modestly upbeat Patriots team just can't do enough and gets another sad heartbreaker. Derek Carr will throw at least a pick or so but Mac will match or exceed him. The defense does it's best and gets a few turnoversbut the Pats will only capitalize on so much.

Saints win 21-20

Bold Prediction: The Pats goes scoreless for the first half


Neither team can score TDs. Both defenses are good. Boring game.

Saints win 12-9

Bold Prediction: Mac will not throw an INT


Pats finally get run game going a bit. Mac has a play action TD pass

Patriots win 20-12

Bold Prediction: Mapu with a big play

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