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Week 6: Patriots vs. Cowboys

Belichick going to lose to a team he hasn't lost to in 30 years?

The last time Belichick lost to the Cowboys he was a first year HC of the Cleveland Browns. On paper, I'd say chances are, he's about to lose to the Cowboys for the first time as the HC of the New England Patriots. If we come out, out anywhere close to how we came out against the Texans, this will be a blowout. The Cowboys have playmakers are both sides of the ball. That said, New England tends to play best with their backs against the wall. Can we pull off the upset? I wouldn't be surprised if we won or lost. Not a lot of consistency on this team. Let's hope Mac has the biggest game of his career.

Cowboys win 34-21.

Bold Prediction: Hunter Henry gets 2 TDs.

Thoughts from the board


No Pats turnovers, but just don't think they're good enough to keep up with the Cowgirls' offense.

Cowboys win 31-24

Bold Prediction: Jakobi TD to keep Dnom out of jail.



Pats win 31-30

Bold Prediction: What Boney said


Front 7 has been getting stronger all season, look for them to have their best performance of the season.

Pats win 28-20

Bold Prediction: Stevenson has 100+ rushing yards and a TD


Big test for the defense again. Pats need to be flawless to pull the upset.

Cowboys win 31-20

Bold Prediction: Facing the DAL strong secondary, no INTS for Jones


Dallas offense too much to stop. I hope I am wrong but.....

Cowboys win 38-27

Bold Prediction: Bolden gets 25 carries for 50 yards.


I think some things start to click. The Pats play up to their potential a little bit more and come away with their first win at home. At least... thats what im hoping for

Pats win 24-21

Bold Prediction: Dak throws a pick-6 and the defense forces at least 1 fumble


The Patriots finally play turnover free football and win the turnover battle and the game.

Pats win 23-16

Bold Prediction: Jakobi doesn't score a TD and DNOM goes to jail.


Dallas is better in every single area

Cowboys win 37-20

Bold Prediction: Mac throws a TD pass from outside the Red Zone


Cowboys have some weaknesses, Pats need a clean game. It's going to be a close one.

Pats win 24-17

Bold Prediction: Cowboys offense limited under 300 yards total.


The O-line finally have a good game

Pats win 21-20

Bold Prediction: Mac will have a great game with 3 TD

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