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Week 6: Patriots vs. Raiders


This team is toast. Play the younger guys. Let Grier or GOATingham toss the ball around. We're on to 2024.

Raiders win 24-9

Bold Prediction: I'm wrong; we blow out the Raiders and more false hope is spread

Thoughts from the board


Pain...lots of pain.

Raiders win 99-2

Bold Prediction: Pats score a safety on a blocked punt.


We've been cursed since the Raiders game last year. This is just wishful thinking that we break the curse and start winning.

Patriots win 21-13

Bold Prediction: Pats getting a W is bold enough.


with the lifeless, leaderless team we see, I can't pick them to win another game. except maybe vs the Jets. but I will always be rooting for them.

Raiders win 27-9

Bold Prediction: Raiders execute a successful lateral play feat. Jakobi Meyers just to rub it in more.


I have the raiders scoring more points... but somehow the Patriot win anyway.

Patriots win 0-23

Bold Prediction: Cardona doesn't screw up a snap.


the spiral downward continues

Raiders win 27-7

Bold Prediction: Pats score a red zone TD


Jimmy G's arm falls off during warmups. BB is so distraught that he can't bear to play so he forfeits the game so he can be with Jimmy while he gets his arm reattached..

Raiders win 2-0

Bold Prediction: Marc Davis' escort won't refund the money even though there will be no game.


Over? Did you say- OVER!? Nothing's 'over' until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no! It aint over now! 'cause when the goin gets tough?....... the tough get goin! Who's with me!? Lets go! Come on!

Patriots win 24-14

Bold Prediction: Mac throws a TD to our team instead of theirs


McDaniels gets revenge. Jimmy Small Hands gets revenge. Jakobi gets revenge. Hell, Maxx Crosby gets revenge, and he never even played for Belichick.

Raiders win 41-10

Bold Prediction: My score prediction will actually be right.


Again, I wish I could predict a win but until I see the Pats score more points it's hard for me to see it.

Raiders win 19-10

Bold Prediction: Zeke gets a TD.


The Raiders are entirely beatable, but the Pats don't look like the team to do that. Still horrible blocking, still can't get open. What has changed since the last two games? A couple more guys have gotten hurt.

Raiders win 20-13

Bold Prediction: Radio loudmouths will continue to blame Mac Jones.


After the throttling the past two weeks, with key injured players on defense, this outing will be marginally better than the previous week. I don't see the team motivated enough to go against what is arguably a slightly above mediocre Raiders team that has many high quality players. If they rattle Jimmy G a bit then they might be able to keep their team off balanced but it's going to take a lot. Mac really has to turn into a wizard to avoid arguably the worst O-line the Patriots have fielded week in and out in the Patriots EXISTENCE. Pray for Mac.

Raiders win 33-10

Bold Prediction: Mac scores at least one passing TD and has no more than 2 picks.


Raiders WR's too much for the defense. Running game still not effective enough

Raiders win 23-16

Bold Prediction: Boutte with 4 catches

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Kevin Walker's tackle on Bo Jackson (childhood hero), ultimately ending his career, Steve Atwater's hit on Christian Okoye, Super Bowl XXXVI, The anger I felt when the Pats lost Super Bowl XLII, Malcolm Butler's interception against the Seahawks, The Pats comeback win in Super Bowl LI