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Week 7: Patriots vs. 49ers

Can we bounce back after that terrible loss, last week?

  • Can McDaniels draw up some run plays, and stick with it? He should. The Niners defense has been decimated by injuries, especially up front. I think it's time we use multiple backs.

  • Is Edelman running out of gas? That week 2 game seems to have been a fluke. Jules is the toughest SOB we've ever had catching passes, but I'm wondering if this is his last season.

  • N'Keal...

  • You know we're having problems when our leading receiver is Damiere Byrd.

  • Our front 7 will be busy all day with the Niners run game. Even if Mostert isn't playing, Shanahan knows how to get the run game going.

  • Our secondary will probably make it tough for Jimmy G, but I'm still afraid of Kittle. Can Belichick draw something up similar to how we shut down Waller in Week 3?

  • Please, let's hope that last week's gaffe was because they didn't practice. I want to see the Cam Newton that excited us earlier in the season.

I'm going to go the homer, optimistic route, and say that we bounce back in a close one.

Pats win 28-24

PFD Predictions

  • dp73: Pats win 27-24 and Burkhead has a big game

  • Rking: Pats win 31-24 and the ST unit will block a Punt/FG

  • DFWPatsFan: Pats win 35-13 and Jimmy G throws Gilmore a Pick 6

  • Blight: Pats win 28-17 and Harry sco... ugh, who am I kidding. Damiere Byrd has 2 TDs

  • DNOM: Pats win 20-12 and at least one rookie scores a TD

  • Bones: Niners win 24-17 and Harry scores 2 TDs

  • MAC: Niners win 27-14 and Kittle scores 2 TDs with over 75 yards

  • Neil: Pats win 23-20 and Jimmy G doesn't get injured

  • Hunter Center: Pats win 27-24 and Asiasi actually catches a pass

  • Smack: Pats win 49-0 and Jimmy G throws 3 Pick 6

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