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Week 7: Patriots vs. Bears

Return of the Mac!

Okay, we're sitting at 3-3, the offensive game plan for the last couple of games has been what we should have been running from the beginning, but hey, preseason is over. Zappe's play and mostly ball protection had to have lit a fire under Mac. He's gotta just go back to the fundamentals and stop trying to be Patrick Mahomes. We're playing another pretty crappy team this week, but it's the perfect kind of game to gain some confidence back before next week's divisional showdown with the surprisingly good Jets. I think we annihilate the Bears.

Pats win 34-13

Bold Prediction: The defense gets 3 turnovers and we don't turn the ball over once

Thoughts from the board


I've decided to predict a scorigami every week. Anyway the run defense will need to step up and not rely on a gameplan that ignores really good running backs. They'll also need to contain Fields on the ground. For the offense, not knowing who will start at QB, I expect the Mondre Show to continue and to see a variance of targets in the passing game.

Patriots win 31-11

Bold Prediction: TDs from TEs - one apiece for Hunter and Jonnu


The Patriots defense plays well in the red zone and holds the Bears to mostly FGs

Patriots win 24-16

Bold Prediction: Zappe throws for 425 yards and 3 TD's


It's the Bears. Gilbert could start and the Pats would win. UPDATE: I added some FU points to the Pats total after hearing about the Bears defender who brought up Deflategate.

Patriots win 52-13

Bold Prediction: Wynn won't have a penalty called on him. Mills won't suck.


What Jim said.

Patriots win 37-10

Bold Prediction: Three TDs for Stevenson.


I truly know nothing about the Bears except Justin Fields and....uh, yeah, that's it. Oh, don't they play in Illinois somewhere?

Bears win 18-12

Bold Prediction: NE doesn't get into the end zone once. Nate starts posting about Zappe LIKE THIS!!!


Complementary football continues!

Patriots win 44-6

Bold Prediction: Mac Jones throws for over 350 yards.


Not a whole lot to analyze here: the bears suck, the pats do not.

Patriots win 42-13

Bold Prediction: 5 different players score a TD for the pats, Nick Folk doesn't make a single FG


We have momentum. The wins will keep on coming.

Patriots win 28-13

Bold Prediction: Jack Jones snags 2 picks.


If Mac starts, he's gotta work off the rust. If Zappe starts, the Pats will score moar pointz. Containing Fields is the key.

Patriots win 23-20

Bold Prediction: Punt return for a TD

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