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Week 7: Patriots vs. Jets

Unchartered territory

Week 7 is here and we're sitting at 2-4. Still very strange for me to say that. Here we are with a very average Patriots team. Mac has looked solid, not spectacular. He's progressing though and he's obviously a tough kid, considering how many times he's getting hit in games. Then, when you look at the high price FA acquisitions, other than Judon and Bourne (and maybe Henry) we haven't seen much of an ROI on this big spending spree. That said, we're playing the Jets. This is an opponent that will have another Top 5 pick in the 2022 draft. It should be a walk in the park, but honestly, we're not putting up many points, so it doesn't take much for us to win or lose. I've stated this many times throughout this season, as long as they keep it close and our young guys get valualble reps, it's a win for me. It's safe to say we have our QB of the future. He was a good pick. Finally, we got someone worthy of that 1st rounder (it's been a while). Maybe we'll see him take some deep shots today? Regardless, Pats get their first home win of the season.

Pats win 30-17

Bold Prediction: Bourne has his best game has a Patriot

Thoughts from the board

Panic No More

The Jets! The Jets! Are we talking about the Jets? C'mon man.

Pats win 27-13


The two-pointer staved off rioting for a week. C'mon now.

Pats win 33-9

Bold Prediction: Meyers TD please


This won't be as easy as it seems.

Pats win 24-23

Bold Prediction: If they lose this one........wellllllllllll


The offense was finally showing some signs of being able to move the ball last week, and that continues this week. Pats score over 30 for the FIRST (sadly) time this season...

Pats win 35-14

Bold Prediction: Meyers gets his first TD... and his second


Just not enough DBs available for the Pats

Jets win 27-23

Bold Prediction: Zach Wilson throws 3 TDs and 0 INTs


Each game the Pats have gotten better, against marginal competition we'll see their first easy victory of the season.

Pats win 35-13

Bold Prediction: Mac Jones 3 passing TDs


The TE's and the running backs both have their best games of the year.

Pats win 34-17

Bold Prediction: Nothing bold lol

Opinion Slayer

It's the FREAKING JETS PEOPLE! And regardless of what you think of NE, NY is far worse on every level. BB is 2-0 against rookie QB's this year. If you lose against this team your season is officially OVAH! And this team is not bad enough to be over by October. It's time to get a home win.

Pats win 24-17

Bold Prediction: This will be the first game that Mac Jones does not turn the ball over.


Nick Folk has fun against his former team.

Pats win 33-20

Bold Prediction: Jakobi touchdown


Games like this make me wish I was a Lions fan. That was an exaggeration. LSD couldn't make me wish I was a Lions fan.

Tie game 16-16

Bold Prediction: Maybe no Godchaux. Maybe no Barmore. Thus, 100+ rushing yards for the Jets.


A wise man once said "Give me Ring Envy, or give me SuffeRING Envy." This week there will be a Ring Envy as the Pats easily handle the Jets.

Pats win 34-13

Bold Prediction: Mac Jones 400 yds passing as the coaching staff finally allows him to go deep and open the playbook.

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