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Week 8: Patriots vs. Dolphins

Was Week 7 our Super Bowl, or did the offense figure some things out?

Last week was a pleasant surprise. We finally saw the offense click. We saw the Mac Jones we thought we were getting when he was drafted. Finally, he proved he could put the team on his back and get us a win in the 4th Quarter. Was it a sign of things to come, or just an outlier? We'll see. This week is not going to be easy. Even when our team is clicking, we struggle in Miami. All I can ask for is continued improvement from last week. The score at the end would be icing on the cake. Unfortunately, I think we fall back down to earth.

Dolphins win 28-17

Bold Prediction: Stevenson has his best game of the season and gets over 100 yards rushing and throws in another 25 in reception yards.

Thoughts from the board


Dolphins look beatable after witnessing the Eagles handling them with ease. Plus, our offense is finding its groove again. So inject that W into my veins again.

Patriots win 28-24

Bold Prediction: Pop with 3 tds( 1 Catching, 1 Rushing, 1 Punt Return)


Let's be real. The Pats could be 5-2 and would probably lose this game (based on past history) because it's in Miami. Just the way it is unfortunately. Having said that, the Bills and Eagles have found ways to beat them, and the Pats could use that approach to have a fighting chance.

Dolphins win 31-20

Bold Prediction: The Pats keep it close into the 4th, where a fumble by an RB returned for a TD does them in.


Unlike MAC, I don't want to be real. Pats are rolling on to 12-5.

Patriots win 27-24

Bold Prediction: Ryland with the game winner as time expires.

Jdog Lemon Head

I have to predict again because the 2 games we've won are the ones I have predicted. Let's go for the trifecta.

Patriots win 24-20

Bold Prediction: Gesicki lights it up ( 6 catches 80 yards, 1 TD) vs his former team. Does another griddy for redemption and does better this time. Pats defense thwarts Miami's GW drive at the end.


Pats sacrifice Parker to Howard so he won't be compoletely useless. Mac then dissects the Miami D with the help of Bourne, Pop and the TEs. If they decide to play JuJu, then all bets are off and BB will get the beatdown to end all beatdowns.

Patriots win 39-38

Bold Prediction: It didn't happen last week, but it will happen this week.....I will find out why the Brits love beans and mushy peas so much.


Patriots haven't won in Miami since before Tom Brady retired. The first time. Also, McCorkle is falling behind on his pick-six responsibilities. I expect him to get back on track this Sunday.

Dolphins win 38-24

Bold Prediction: Before Mac throws that pick-six to ice the game for Miami, there's gonna be some outrageously obvious defensive PI infraction that doesn't get called. Total hometown call. The chat board explodes in anger. The league apologizes later in the week (not to us though, to the organization.)


I can believe again. Just keep Parker off the field.

Patriots win 34-24

Bold Prediction: TD for a Pats WR who wears an 80s number (so Pop #81, Reagor #83, or Boutte #80)


Miami has not done as well against the teams the Patriots have done slightly well against.

Patriots win 24-23

Bold Prediction: What, a Pats win in Miami isn't bold enough?


We scored over 20 last week, we're getting 30 this week. 12-5 or gtfo

Patriots win 31-21

Bold Prediction: Cant believe its bold to say this- but Bill beats Tua for the first time


Last week really shot a lot of confidence into me from how the team really showed up, that will reflect in this game but I am still not sure the Pats will be able to ratchet it up more. The Dolphins seem more like a paper tiger overall but I think the defense will struggle at times even though they are a bit healthier. The Pats will be able to get a more than adequate run game combined with a pass game but it will be another nail biter.

Dolphins win 33-27

Bold Prediction: Mac Jones has a clean day in the pocket with only 1 sack and mostly a clean day of turnovers except 1 INT.


Last week they showed that they could should points and score them in the 4th quarter. Mac Jones played well . I think the OL starts run blocking better and Stevenson has his best week running the ball.

Patriots win 28-27

Bold Prediction: Stevenson has over 100 yards rushing and Mac throws 2 more Td"s.


Pats can't build on the momentum of last week's exciting win. OL struggles, Mac panics, defense is too depleted to keep up with Miami's firepower. The South Beach Struggle continues, and a golden chance to right the ship is squandered.

Dolphins win 27-13

Bold Prediction: Devante Parker has a meaningless revenge game, going over 100 yards receiving


Too much Miami offense although Mac looks solid for another week. Progress

Dolphins win 30-21

Bold Prediction: 100+ yards rushing combined from Zeke/Mondre


The Patriots offense sputters on the road. The wailing and gnashing of teeth resumes.

Dolphins win 27-13

Bold Prediction: Jalen Ramsey grabs an interception in his first game back

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